I have a base camp question

I have played chapter 1 several times. Once I get to the crusade I move my army and I lose my base camp. I have nowhere to rest or resupply. What am I missing? I can not go back into the city.

Camp moves as you progress.
First time is when you defeat first army with castle icon, the one with crossing over river. There is forced event when party token gets on it.

Well, I’m having problems finding the camp too. I’m at the Reliable Rebout, about to rescue some Hellknights, but I’m at level 3 corruption and have no idea where my new war camp is. I’ve cleared the local area of monsters, is there some named area I need to enter and have missed? I’ve cleared Leper’s Smile, and Chilly Creek as well

Warcamp moves when your Legion or Party moves to certain location.
Before Lepers Smile I know Warcamp moves to where you get the forced event with guy that tells you Hellknights need help. It is same node where blue tower with demon army is.
After Lepers I think it moves where rivers cross each other.