I cant vote on the Playable race poll


I have been unsuccessfully trying to vote on the playable race poll. I have followed then instructions on the backer update, but the forum doesn’t recognize me as a backer.

I have also tried sending an email to the Team@owlcatgames.com email, as described in the update, but the email keeps bouncing back.


If you backed via Kickstarter, you could also try reaching out to Owlcat via a Kickstarter message. That’s how I got in contact with them to resolve the issues I was having.

Otherwise you could get to forum trust level 1 by entering at least 5 topics, reading at least 30 posts, and spending at least 10 minutes reading posts. That would then enable you to private message Mortheim (the button to do so will be in the upper right https://forum.owlcatgames.com/u/mortheim/summary).