I answered a patch eta question and it was deleted

Someone asked about patch arrival and I stated no later than Sept 16 as you had previously stated. It has since been deleted. Is there news? Has something changed?

Further updates are both being worked on and also in submission. Unfortunately the submission process - which is totally different from a Steam update for example - isn’t run by us, but by our console partners, so it is hard to give an exact date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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So are you saying that the likelihood of a patch today has changed?

Also, playing a magus and all of the sudden my Arcane Weapon Enhancement ability only has 6 uses per day and it should be 13, is this a known issue and in the to be fixed items?

Nope. Likelyhood remains unchanged. We want those updates published as soon as you do. Only difference we cannot press the “publish” button.

Hotfixes don’t need to go through cert though. Why didn’t you do this? The save bug could have been fixed immediately.

That’s true on the console end of things, but it’s possible that there’s an extra party involved. Owlcat may have to send the patches to Deep Silver? first, for instance.

They already said, that the certification is handled by Deep Silver.
And even if a hotfix was technically possible, Deep Silver might not want to pay for it.

Yeah, it’s crazy that we have to wait a month, before we could play the game, we already bought. At least I’ve had enough time to play another buggy, unfinished mess, Wastelands 3, in the meantime. Different game, the same publisher, the same engine, the same problems. Coincidence?

Most likely it is, yes