Hunter is in, lads and lasses

As well as dino. That was fast.


Another class that I will now have to go an educate myself on. Wrath of the Character Builder is taking up a lot of my time :smile:


Can we use Dinos for Calvary class?


Currently the game has 2 sets of Animal Companions:

  • Mounts (Cavalier Mount, Paladin Bonded Mount etc.)
  • Animal Companions (Druid, Ranger, Sylvan Sorcerer etc.)

The 1st set is limited in what they can select to rideable Animal Companions, meaning basically only Horse for Medium characters (since Horses start out large) and a few Medium Animals for Small characters.

The problem is that other Classes that CAN use dinosaurs have disadvantages compared to the Cavalier so its basically a trade-in. If the Cavalier gets to choose a dinosaur with no penalty, it would make several Classes look pale in comparison.

There is however a Cavalier Archetype that allows him to use dinosaurs but it comes with penalties as one would have though. Since the Stretchgoal of dinosaurs was reached, it makes that Archetype (and similar ones) a likely probability.

Another option is to take 7 levels in a class that allows you to get a Triceratops (M) since it gets Large at Level 7 and then mix that with a base Cavalier.

Not a likely probability, it’s a certainty, because we already know that Archetype is one of the ones chosen by Owlcat. We know all the Cavalier Archetypes except for the stretch goal sixth archetype and any possible racial types it might get.

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Hunter is a really cool class. Right now for me I think it’s between Warpriest (Cult Leader Archetype) and Hunter (Divine Hunter Archetype if it’s in, which it probably is, because it’s both cool, easier to do, and flavourful).

It’s a hard choice, I love the cool mix of features that the Cult Leader gets and I love that it’s a Divine Spellcasting Rogue functionally without the baggage of Inquisitor, and it’s Blessings. I love Divine Hunter for it’s poaching of Druid, Ranger, and Cleric Domain spells, as well as its spontaneous spell casting, it’s Animal Companion. Hard choice.

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Yes, I saw it after I posted this. Since the Beast Rider is in, regular Cavaliers wont have the same exotic Animal Companion selection. But the Beast Rider doesnt give up much to be able to do this so is a very solid choice.

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Since Hunter is in, the Sacred Huntsmaster Archetype of the Inquisitor will get the Hunters Animal Focus Feature which he lacked up until now. Might be a good alternative to Hunter.

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The flip side of that is that Divine Hunter is the most likely Archetype for Hunter to get as it’s easy to add, yet very popular and flavourful.

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Personally, I am more into the Verminous Hunter and Plant Master myself. Both creature types are vastly underrepresentated in the current archetype roster after all. And the Verminous Hunter would be an excellent build choice for Swarm-that-Walks.


are there others planned? I am trying to avoid any spoilers, but im too curious about that so i keep peeking in and probably missing most of the information about it :frowning: - including the “undersized mount” talent or “monstrous mount” (anyone else would like a gryphon? :stuck_out_tongue:) talents? :slight_smile: