Hunter - Devine Hunter MAJOR Bug

Game is locking up after leveling my NPC Devine Hunter to lvl 3 and selecting the Sacred path for my pet. After exiting the leveling page I can move a short ways and the game locks up where I can give no character move orders. I can click individual characters and interact with inventory and character pages etc. but I can’t move anyone. If I attempt to save the game the client crashes. I can Load a previous save, but I cannot Save the current one after I level the Devine Hunter.

I did some research on the pet itself after it was leveled up with the Sacred path chosen. On it’s hotbar, and selecting the middle skills, the new spell that should be there is Smite Evil. But instead of it shows as Smite Good, which is for the Corrupted path for the pet and not what I chose. Also, the spell icon is listed so many times it fills the entire skill screen with the same Smite Good spell over, and over again.

This bug is repeatable.

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Yep, Divine Hunter is a mess. And receives wrong class progression to boot. For instance, Domains should only be selectable on the 3rd level. But ingame they pick one at 1st level.

I got this has well is there a place to upload my save game?

If you use ALT+B to report a bug it will send your save game as well.