How to update to update 2.1

I can see the 2.1g update patch not released but my game seems to be stuck on 2.08. Anyone know how to update to 2.1g?

I haven’t tried this, but right click, select properties, select the betas tap, and open the drop down menu. You might have the option to select different versions of the beta. If you do, select 2.1.

Update 2,1.0g is currently the Beta turn-based version of the game.

How to join the Beta:
(Windows and Steam only)

The official release is expected on 18th august if there is no delay.

Will the update be available on GoG? Will it be available for OSX?

Yes it should be available on GOG and Mac at launch or soon after… but i don’t have the official confirmation.

Thanks for the quick reply!