How to restore Kingmaker badges?

First visit since forum change. Restored access to account (sent login link to email, then changed password).

But I don’t have a Kingmaker badge now… ? Looking at some other users who backed Kingmaker, this seems to be a common issue. How do we restore our Kingmaker badges?

I think (and this is just me speculating) we get them back at a same time when we get new badges (from new game). So “soon”.

This is weird. Can you, please, DM me your Kickstarter email?

I have the same issue. I’m in the appropriate Kingmaker group, but no badge.

I have the same issue too.

Same. 20 Characters.

I’m wondering about this issue also.

Is this normal?

This shouldn’t happen. Where have you seen it?

I’ve granted all the requested badges. If you haven’t received your badge, please, send me your kickstarter email via dm :slight_smile:

at badges section under the profile settings?

Excellent! Thank you. I now see my badge.

I have the same issue too.

Can you, please, DM me?