How to play "evil" when CG + Azata + Aivu + Arueshalae grew on you?

I’m almost done now with my first full playthrough.

I did the following, from my POV, remarkable things:

  • Saved my brothers and sisters in faith in Kenabres (<3 Desna <3)
  • Made Arueshalae not only my girlfriend but also helped her ascend (after liberating her as early as possible, I basically built whole acts 1 + 2 around this feat)
  • Rode Aivu into battle
  • Told Iomedae to ***** it
  • Rejected everything evil AND lawful and also all the offers from Areelu Voresh
  • Decided to side with Daeran until the (in my opinion not so bitter) end

Now how can I get into a mindset for an evil PC? Would like to try out demon path or even lich / Swarm-That-Walks?

Feels a bit like “betraying” my friends.

Don’t be evil… Just be misunderstood.

First of all, Anyone siding with Daeran is clearly pure evil. The world would be much better off without him. Arueshalae is lying to and betraying herself. The line between Law and Chaos may be pretty clear, but as one of your companions says “How should I know what your god considers evil?”

To me, the bigger problem is that the “evil” options don’t generally seem all that helpful (even in the short term) to the MC.

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Well, you could think of it as playing in a “dark mirror” universe, where good characters are twisted, evil versions of themselves. I recall (the original) Star Trek had a series of episodes like that. It’s an interesting concept to explore, imo.

Demon is lots of fun! You will be able to accomplish remarkable things.
Such as:

  • Betray the crusade
  • Side with (and later betray) Nocticula
  • Be an demon aristrocrat and be well liked (and hated) Abyss
  • Make Arueshalae renounce pesky Desna and see her CE route in act 5
  • Become a demon lord

The mindset of a Swarm-That-Walks boils down to one factor:
Eat until you burst and then eat some more. For everyone is but food to the great swarm. That path has a critical lack of party banter. But on the bright side you get to have “swarm banter” with good ol’ Deskari itself if you so choose. That chap is surprisingly chatty. And kinda cute.

You could just be like me and ignore those paths completely.

True gamers will call you a casual but I never really understood how that word could hurt the feelers.

Some of us just don’t enjoy playing evil.

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I know exactly how you feel. I also just don’t enjoy playing good myself.
So what I do is to simply stick with the neutral and evil paths instead.

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We’ll you’ve got your game. 4 evil paths to take and a handful of irredeemable evildoers.

Curious to see the stats a year from now, what percentage of players keep on the evil path / complete the Camilla romance etc.

You could simply play the opposite of your previous run. The companions you love the most - kill them or do their quests the worst way possible. Destroy what you love, and embrace the destruction. Corrupt yourself.

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Don’t play “evil” or evil. They don’t need the help.


I think you can roleplay Lich as a “for the greater good” type. You sacrifice a lot of people to achieve a lot of power. But so does Galfrey. She condemns Drezen to being overrun by demons again because of her insecurity and selfish way of running the crusade.

If you sacrifice Drezen to undeath, at least you did so intentionally in order to build your strength (presuming you intend to use your strength for some type of noble cause). You already ask thousands to die for the sake of your cause, regardless of which type of crusade you run. If you RP that your lich honestly believes its way of running the crusade is the most effective, then perhaps their deaths are not in vain.

It’s cold hearted and cynical, but if you prevent demons from expanding from the Worldwound and localizing / limiting the damage? You may have done more "good’ than the Angels have managed to do so far.


Hmm… but I’m not sure all of the character choices have the option of wearing a goatee.

I thank you all for your input. The mindset I’m going for will be “Star Trek Mirror Universe”, sadly we can’t put goatees on female MCs in this game, haha.

Will postpone it, though… I think I’ll play again as CG / Azata (of course, Aivu + superpowers is just too much fun) through on Core first, this time as a sorcerer, with my (now usual) “get levels fast” “trick”.

Thing is: I don’t know how to handle some parts of the game when “evil” - like “what am I supposed to do with the Desna people I love so much” (honestly, if this was real life, I guess I’d hang out with them in their church most of the time). Or how to take care of Sosiel, but I will learn about that during playthrough #2, I guess, hm.

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For the second Azata playthrough you could explore the LE Devil path. True, you may have failed in the eyes of Desna and yada yada. But at least you see a new side of the path you appear to like so much.

I admit that I have also problems to play evil chars.
I just feel bad when choosing an evil option.

On the other hand I have often problems with lawful in this game, even though I am very lawful in real life.
I am totally fine if lawful means to respect traditions or authority. But too often the lawful option means to execute, torture or enslave people which feels very evil to me.

I am still on my first playthrough as LG angel oracle.
If I play again (the game is huge and I do not have much time to play) I want to be something chaotic, so its likely trickster or azata.
Angel oracle feels like god mode, so I want to try something without merging and lv9 spells next time.

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From what I’ve read you can “corrupt” Sosiel a bit on the demon path, by encouraging his anger. I think this is what the necromancer in his quest hints at. So he at least has a potential “darker self”.

And I am now tempted to photoshop a fake goatee onto all good characters and play demon. Can you swap companion portraits with mods? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Made the same decision. Another Azata with different party.

I don’t think the icky feeling you get when making evil decisions is something to get past. Don’t do it if doesn’t feel good.

There are two other good paths and two neutral paths in the game so you won’t be starved for content and there’s always youtube if you just want to know what’s locked behind the evil options.

The Desnans mess with forces that they admit to not really understanding, then run and hide when things get bad, leaving you to try to clean up the mess. They literally didn’t know what effect their ritual would have on the crystal, but they did it anyway. They risked everyone’s lives. That sort of behavior is bad for the MC’s health. Therefor the world is better off without those particular Desnans.

As I recall, there is an “evil” dialogue option in which you just kill everyone involved in that storyline (or something like that).

Also remember that you don’t Always have to pick the evil option in order to have an evil alignment. If an evil character enjoys art and music, they could easily treat the Desnans well and spend most of their time with them. It would take you committing several “good” acts before you lose your “evil” status. Even so, slipping into a neutral alignment wouldn’t be the end of the world. I’m sure you could claw your way back if that happened.

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Yeah, I tried playing Lich. Didn’t enjoy myself at that much, despite insane power level and rather solid story. It is fair that path all about being undead is so evil, but I guess I cannot tolerate wrongness of it. Why anyone would like to be that way, aside from metagaming and lolz?

Prior to release I was hoping for some MotB like subversion of these powers in the service of good, but I guess evil undeath is true to Golarion setting - and that’s fine.

I am still butthurt about lack of arcane mythic path for characters aligned towards good.

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You underestimate the power of lolz.

No, I do not. I do not begrudge anyone who plays this or any path for lolz.