How the **** do I D/L the beta - yes I've paid

^^^^^^Studio took my money just fine then left me to search links and forums for an hour…I’ve no idea where to click download. I’m sure it’s obvious…


In steam, you can use the activation key by finding the redeem key option under the settings menu.

Did that work for you?

SO, I bought the beta download, but it isn’t in my digital downloads and I can’t even see my key.

Thankyou. I found an offsite forum post around the time you responded. They should add a message after the processing.

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I’m having this problem, too. It just says “Digital Key” with no key or link.

@Ahmannw Do you have beta access? This is what is looks like if you do.


When I go to that screen, I see the ITEM and DIGITAL KEY columns but nothing underneath them.

So what you’re saying is the $45 option will only let me get the game later when it releases. I have to purchase the $114 option in order to play early access. That’s pricey!

Thank you! This was user error. :disappointed:

That is correct, and I agree, it’s very pricey if you weren’t going to get anything else. While I love supporting the Owlcats, but I can’t say that beta of such a narrative heavy game is a great idea for the player.

Wiki pages should be getting populated soon to describe all of the new class, archetypes, etc. so you can still work out your build before the release.