How do I get a refund for ps4 digital version?

Any idea the PS store says because I downloaded it I can’t get a refund but how was I to know they sold me an unplayable game that after a month has received no fixes?

There’s a major patch addressing most major issues tomorrow. Also, there’s a bunch of tips to help make it much more manageable. I’m a good chunk in with no major crashes or lost saves or anything. Turning off autosave helps a ton. I just have one manual save I use and that’s it and havent lost a save yet. There’s a workaround for the combat non action, just move em manually 1st and then attack/cast spell. Its rough but after tomorrow should be a while lot more bearable, there’s a post detailing the major points of it on here

So now the patch is tomorrow? I thought it was some time today??

They originally said the 16th from what I saw, it’s on here somewhere

Where did you read it is released tomorrow? I was told it would be Monday just gone

It was released today, 900MB more or less, I’m downloading now (PS4)

then its time for you to meet with new developed bugs say hi from me

Are there already notices about new bugs?