How do bards work?

I mean in regards of economy action. I think that’s what they call it. If you want to play the doom song, then do you click it once and it uses a charge per round and you can’t do anything else, or maybe jut not anything that turn you click it? I know songs become a quick action later on. Does that mean you can play 2 different songs in one round? Twisting?

From enter combat to round per round how would a bard act?

Unfortunately, you can only ever have 1 song active per bard. Once it becomes a quick action, you may be able to stack them with Lingering Performance (song lasts for 2 rounds after finishing), but I haven’t tested that. It would also basically require turn-based mode because it would be hell to juggle those on and off all the time in RTWP.

A typical combat for a classic bard;

  1. Before combat - give a buff or two before hand. Heroism is a classic
  2. First round (or the round before) - Start the song you want
  3. If needed - Throw out in-combat buffs or debuffs (Glitter Dust is a classic)
  4. Each round - Auto-attack with whatever weapon you are focusing on (most Ranged and Melee builds both work well enough)
  5. After combat - Spot heal if you have spare slots and stuff like Cure Light Wounds

Hope that helps.

Also don’t discount the amount of damage bards can do with their ordinary weapon hits while singing. You can grab quite a few levels of a better melee (many go with dragon disciple) / ranged class and still get a lot of mileage out of your bard songs (only need 13 levels for +3 inspire, 15 for heroics), and can always combine dirge with sense vitals for a stack of sneak attack.

I assume you mean Dirge + Shatter Defenses + Sense Vitals? :slight_smile:

Yes - I’m so used to everyone min maxing at this point that I assume everyone builds into shatter :grin:

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Lingering performance cannot be used to stack songs. It’s description says that it ends whenever a new song is started.
I vastly prefer good hope to heroism, as it is a group buff. The other good spell to have is haste.

I specced my last bard (no multiclassing to preserve caster level and class power progress) for enchantment spells and that works kinda well…except that bosses typically resist or are immune. I expect to get some mileage out of the 5th level spells when the beta ends. You cannot get the DC of a sage sorcerer, but it is not bad, if you stack the special items together.
Most people won’t think of bards as major casters, but it works here, since you get the mythic support. I went that way since many mobs have dangerous abilities and having good crowdcontrol made several encounters much easier.

This all helps greatly, thanks

Just a tip from someone playing a bard and i dont know if its intended: Lingering performance says keep the song 2 rounds after ending it, so technical for low mob fights u can activate the song and immideately stop it giving u the bonus for 3 rounds but only at the cost of one use of the ability.