House of sweet Horror location?

Can someone point me to the house of sweet horror?

Upper City, tho I can’t remember which of the unnamed doors it was exactly.

Thanks, I will give the upper city another run. I seem to be running into transition triggers not showing up.
Assassins guild and also the portal to Echo of Deskari. Only have one key though, but there is dialog for that option.

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The Upper City is rather frustrating to search. Especially since Woljiff, Wenduag and Arue all have companion quests there. Doesn’t help that nearly all the doors have no names in this district.

Yeah I hear ya, I think there is far too many companion quests in this chapter. But…I have been to every door and in all the locations and none are what I am looking for. Some doors have even disappeared after I did the quest for them.
I think I might try to label a screenshot for the maps in the abyss to make a subsequent playthrough easier. I did run into one location that had nothing in it, just fancy furnishings a few traps and loot boxes.

Have anyone found the house? I’ve been searching for hours and can’t find it.

No, but join me on a downward spiral in decadence, debauchery, and destitution as you seek answers to questions that none can answer.
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Well, i understand that, but this forum is full of people that may have managed to find it, so…

And concerning your presence, i’m a paladin, so i can probably withstand it… you foul creature, yadda yadda.

I’m, also having issues with the assassins guild (the first time I went in, they would only speak to me if Greybor was along. When I brought him along, the clickable door to the guild disappeared (yes, I did spin the screen and wait for the platform to drop to uncover the door). As far as finding the the den of sweet horror, I found it earlier in the game, but can’t seem to re-locate it. I’ve checked all three areas fully and it seems that the door has disappeared (it never was a labeled location on the map to begin with, and now it seems to be totally non existent.

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I forgot to mention that I haven’t found a second key to the Echo of Deskari, and trying to use a single key does nothing at this point. Due to the conversation in game I’m not sure if this is intended (it states that it “may” need more than a single key) or if it was supposed to simply feel “risky,” but work with a single key and the area simply isn’t in game yet.

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It was pointed out in another thread that you should be able to access the portal. But it is broken in this build. The only way to get there I know of is to mention it to the Lady of the island when you meet her, she will send people to the gate to open it. I think this was supposed to be a backup option incase the key was not found.
This build has a lot broken with it, that is one of the reasons that a new build is underway.

Thanks for the heads up regarding Nocticula !!

The closest that i have found to the House of the Sweet Horrors was not actually at the Upper city. There is a room labeled ‘‘House of the Sweet Horrors’’ inside the Ten Thousand Delights house right next to demon who guards the exit to the Upper city ( through the TTD house). Inside the room are three '‘stoned’'commoners which agrees with the description that the TTD succubus owner gives. The problem is that i can only speak to two out of the three commoners so i can not advance the Spinner quest- bugged i guess