Hostile Goblins missing in Goblin Village

I’ve gotten to the point in the Season of the Bloom where I need to go to the Goblin Village. I can find the village, but the game apparently refuses to render any hostile goblins there. The first encounter has the Hydra just … stand there for a while (presumably where a properly functioning game would have Goblins interacting with it…) before the scene “concludes” and the Hydra turns hostile and attacks me.

Beyond that, I can find Nok-Nok in the middle of the arena, in front of the statue with a dialogue bubble, but he’s not responsive when I attempt to interact. Aside from that, there are a couple other Hydras, Manticores, a Ferocious Owlbear, the Goblin King and Shaman, and the Goblin merchant. All are friendly except for one additional Hydra after something opens the cage and lets it out, and one additional manticore that swoops in after a long pause on an empty space (where, presumably, goblins are supposed to be doing something before the Manticore swoops in).

As far as I can tell, this issue is blocking any further forward progress in the overall game. I’ve tried re-loading from an earlier save before Season of the Bloom started, with identical results. I’d be happy to do something to skip the quest (if that’s a simple matter of editing the right settings in the relevant JSON files in the save game) or whatever, but I’d really rather not have to start an entirely new game to “fix” this… Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Try to verify the integrity of the game files and load a save file before entering the village if possible.

If the above didn’t work, are you using any mod? If yes, which ones?

(Keep in mind that not all goblins will turn hostile in that area, the majority won’t do so.)

Maybe you’re just too likeable.

Likeable enough that the hostile goblins don’t exist, but not likeable enough that Nok-Nok, the Shaman, or the Chief will actually deign to speak to me… XD

I’m pretty sure, on subsequent testing, that it’s the fault of a mod I was using. I encountered a similar glitch without realizing it earlier on, in the Ancient Ruins where one can find Tartuccio – the scene rendered with only him and the two NPCs, rather than also contingent of hench-people for me to fight, and I just didn’t realize, as it was my first play-through of that content.

I did validate all game files, and I did start a new game without the one mod I suspected as potentially the culprit ( Npc HQ Textures ), and those aggressive hench-folk were present (as was Ember in Oleg’s yard, when the model had not been rendered in the first problematic game), so I expect that the goblins (hostile and not) who were missing in the first game will be present as well. I also expect that since I did try disabling the mod in question and reverting to an earlier save before I’d even discovered the Goblin Village area (before the Season of the Bloom even started, in fact), and the, ah, generic goblin units (friendly and hostile alike) were still missing, the one game that’s presenting the glitch is probably un-recoverable. Oh well, quoi que ce soit, sera as they say…

Thanks for the assistance!