High road or thousands of non-repeat customers?

So, since your game was released almost a -year- ago and hasn’t / won’t ever work, when are you going to take the high road and offer refunds to the console customers you cheated out of their hard earned money? Pretending you’re going the No Man’s Sky route only works if we don’t know your entire team is working on your next scam instead of doing right by those who put down their cash for Kingmaker. There is -zero- excuse for things being like they are now, and no other reason for it other than you’re thieves to the people who gave you the benefit of the doubt only to be bent over by your team.


Although Owlcat did a sub-par job on porting, patching and communicating, they are in no position to issue an refund.

Better ask Deep Silver, their quality assurance has approved both the game and all patches. Refunds are the responsibility of the publisher anyway.

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Then perhaps Owlcat should be advocating for us to their publisher if you believe it’s not the job of the developer to assure the quality of their product. That being said, it -is- Owlcat’s job as developer to assure that, and if I purchased a car new that stalled every time I turned on the windshield wiper, I would both expect and deserve a refund.