Hex magus? What does it add for this melee class?

It’s not a caster, it;s a melee class that uses spells within it’s melee swings anhas some supllimental buff support spells…but it was not meant to be a full caster…what does the hex sub class add to this? cause just getting hexes doesnt seem good enough, as its not going to spend rounds casting hexes when it should be swinging a weapon…can you use spell combat with hexes? are there hexes you can deliver with your weapon?

You really don’t lose much though. You lose spell recall for a hex. You also get a choice to get witch hexes in place of magus arcana, supposedly. Honestly, to me it seems like simply the better version of the base class with no downsides.

Spell Recall has never really impressed me. It always seemed like there were better ways to spend arcane pool.

There are some great hexes you don’t have to cast in combat. Iceplant is simply passive and gives a 2 AC natural armor bonus, and these are hard to come by, so it’s likely it’s gonna stack with absolutely everything you have. There is a hex that gives the target a bonus natural attack, so you can basically trade a magus arcana for a gore attack.

I think even trading Spell Recall for Iceplant is worth it.


It doesn’t say so in the description and it does not seem to be implemented in that way, but I only tested it with evil eye. You either cast the hex or attack.

Right, but you are comparing the hexcrafter to the base class. If you compare it to the best subclasses, Eldritch Scion and Sword Saint, then there is nothing worthwhile that the hexcrafter has to offer, IMHO.

Eldritch Scion is only strong because it allows for a Scaled Fist dip. Otherwise, a bloodline is not that much more impressive than the ability to choose a hex.

And Sword Saint is broken and I will never allow myself to take more than 1 level of it.

Okay, but when we evaluate a given archetype, it is still worthwhile to point out that there is a very much OP alternative archetype available :slight_smile:

Right, but that’s about it, and you have to choose the hexes instead of a magus arcana, which is a bad trade IMHO. You want enduring blade, devoted blade may be useful depending on your alignment, extend and quicken spells and bane blade etc. are all very useful. As a draconic eldritch scion you get the AC bonus, the extra attack and also +4 strength for free from DD, in addition to other bonuses from your bloodline, and maybe second bloodline if you choose to get one.