Here's a summary of the Twitch Q&A from May 8. 2020

Since nobody seems to have one, I’ll roughly transcribe it myself. I’m not getting into the who wrote what sections. Just gameplay and the like. It’s not word for word but paraphrased. See below:

1. How long will the alpha last?

About 3 weeks, but you may be able to play it longer. It just wont have any updates applied to it.

2. Will there be anti-paladins in the game?

No, they’re cool, but didn’t make the cut. But, there are warpriests.

3. Will we see additional content added to the alpha, like the intro/prologue?

We will patch it to make certain changes that affect performance, but no new content for the alpha.

4. Will we see more content added to chapters covered in the alpha upon release?

It will have some content, but they didn’t say what or how much.

5. Did coronavirus impact your deadlines?

Surprisingly, no.

6. Will WotR be shorter than Kingmaker?

Yes, a single playthrough will be much shorter. But, you will have much more content that you can access on other playthroughs. Accessing one path may lock you out of others.

7. Will turn-based mode make it into one of the alpha updates.


8. Does the timeline of WotR take place after Kingmaker?

Yes. The overlap in the original AP. In order to make some cameos work, they had to push WotR back in the timeline.

9. Will there be any opportunities to utilize TENTACLES! in the trickster path.

Solid maybe…

10. Will you ever add goblin as a playable race?

No, it’s hard to base a game around a characters whose race is supposed to be comic relief. No epic goblins.

11. Will there be more companions that are bards or sorcerers?

No. They were kind of fuzzy on this question though.

12. How sand box’y will WotR be?

They traded some of Kingmaker’s sand box’yness for the large branching quest arcs of WoTR. Each mythic path lets you really derail the base story and go in it’s own direction. Your class will potentially change the whole genre of the story.

13. How many companions are you planning on putting in the game?

Didn’t really say as it wasn’t set in stone. 11 came up in the chat though.

14. Any details on the intelligent weapon?

They can’t say anything right now because it’s in early production.

15. Is the game written in Russian first?

Yes, then translated to English, and edited by a native speaker. The translation gets it all wrong and drives the writers nuts. Rinse and repeat.

16. Any news on modding?

Currently, no news but they are looking at the options for implementation. Will happen later in development.

17. Will more archetypes be released soon?

No, a lot of them are still in the works.

18. What are you (the devs) most excited about in the game? What are your favorite parts that you have worked on?

Writer: Trickster main questline

Other guy: Playing as Judge Dredd. “I am the law!”

Community manager lady: The story. Putting together the various parts of the story.

19. Does trickster lean more toward Chaotic Good or Evil?

Chaotic Neutral all the way.

20. When is the race voting happening?

Maybe in the next week or two. They have some sort of activities or events that will be going along with it.

21. Will you be able to change your mythic path in the middle of a playthrough?

Different choices in the game will either unlock, or lock out different paths.By the end of chapter 2, you will have picked a specific class. However, there are “secret” paths that you can move into. Like the “ultimate good” Dragon or the “Ultimate Evil” the Swarm that Walks. Or, just take the path of the Legend “Ultimate Human”

22. Can you adopt Ember and Marry the Queen?

No, and yes

23. Will we be stuck as a generic lich or will you be able to be an archlich?

Don’t really have archliches in the game, but If you’re wondering if you can be a good lich. The answer is no, not really. Liches move the story into more of a dark fantasy setting and you’re doing some really evil stuff.

24. What are the key branching points in Chapter 1-2 for replayability?

Chapter one happens in the city of Kenebres. The city that was just destroyed by a demon lord. You have to try to reclaim it from the demons. At some point there is a second attack which completely changes most of the locations. Depending on when you go to the locations can determine your interactions with the locations. Sometimes it’s better to come late. It will add a lot of replayability.

25. Can we follow Staunton’s example and join the demons? A million cultists can’t be wrong!

You can become a demon and instead of following, like a cultist. You can lead the demonic hordes.

26. Will we be able to go into the worldwound? Or, just Mendev?

Kenebres borders Mendev and the worldwound, most of the game takes place in the worldwound though.

27. Does the demon path refer only to demons? Or is it demons and devils?

A demon can’t turn into a devil because they hate eachother. But, there may be a secret devil path…

28. Do you (the devs) read the forums?

Yes. Discord too.

29. Will you implement more utility spells like Timestop, simacrulum, and wish?

They generate a lot of content in themselves. This requires lot of extra work for something that a lot of players won’t take. They didn’t say yes or no, but the conversation leaned towards no.

30. Will we be able to dual wield shields?

It’s come up between the devs but not currently implemented or planned.

31. Will the Signifier be in the game?


32. Will hybrid classes like magus or alchemist be able to merge their spellbooks and increase the level of spells they can cast.


33. Will you have the option to dismiss long duration area effect spells like web? It was annoying to have to wait for those to disappear after combat.

They are aware of this and they are looking into it.

34. Do you need to play Kingmaker in order to enjoy WotR?

No. You might not get some cameos. But, it’s not a direct sequel. It’s a different adventure path.

35. Will you have the celestial servant feat available for aasimar so you can have a celestial dinosaur pet?

Haven’t thought about that one. Maybe. List of new feats is not set in stone yet.

36. When you you post all of the archetypes?

It’s going to take a long time to finish all of them and they aren’t sure when they’ll all be done.

37. Will you have more 2 Weapon fighting feats?

Don’t think so, but can’t remember.

38. The assassin prestige class is really bad in PnP. How well will this work in an adventure path where most enemies have high fortitude saves and an immunity to poison?

In tabletop it’s awful. You can’t even use the death attack in combat at all. In WotR they’ve implemented it a bit differently. There are abilities (mythic?) that can let you poison demons and even undead.

39. Will there be a tutorial?

Yes. Expect it to be much deeper/better than PKM.

40. How will mythic abilities affect animal companions?

There are several mythic feats/abilities that will benefit the companions.

41. It’s been mentioned that you can repurpose weapons for types that you can use, can you tell us about that?

This was regarding relic that you will find during the crusades. Some of the weapons final form won’t be set in stone so you’ll be able to choose one of several ways that it can be “shaped”. You can’t turn a longsword into a glaive. But, you may be able to choose what a collection of relic pieces turns into.

42. How are you implementing the threat that the demon armies pose during the crusade? Will there be a timer? Or, will demon armies march against you?

They will march against you. But, there will be no “You will lose in 3 months, unless…”. They’ll go to your house(warcamp?) and burn your villages and sacrifice your townsfolk.

43. How many mythic paths will have spellbooks?

All of them. Not sure about the late game ones. Dragon, Swarm that walks and Legend. But, it should be all of them. Every mythic spellbook will have spells that will benefit pretty much any class. A fighter will still get useful spells from the lich spellbook for instance.

44. How will dismemberment work? Will it be a graphical thing? Or, will it have some mechanics to it?

Definitely will see it visually, not sure if there will be any mechanics at play yet.

45. Will my choice of class determine what mythic paths I can take?

No. Alignment affects which path you can take though.

46. Will there be a visual indicator to show which buffs/debuffs stack and which don’t?

It’s one of the things that they are working on.

47. How do Demon and Bloodrager/Barbarian rages stack? Both the class and the mythic path give separate rages.

They do stack. Speaking from experience with it in alpha. You can toggle demonic rage on like you would power attack. It’s unlimited. Your bloodrager/barbarian rage works as normal, unless you have the unlimited rage feat. Then it is also unlimited in duration.

48. Do you have to wait until a later part of the game to unlock some mythic paths? For instance, might you not be mythic until level 14 in some cases?

You are simply a mythic character at an early part of the game. You pick a class (at least the basic mythics) with all of its benefits later on. As your mythic level increases. I know what you’re asking here, but he didn’t give a straight up answer

49. What was your favorite bug report or suggestion from alpha so far?

They might share some later.

50. Will Azata’s dragon be a spellcaster with bard and divine spells like in PnP?

Not sure, as he didn’t design it. But, he does remember it being a spellcaster.

51. Can only the PC become a mythic? Can you companions become a Lich for example?

The only real mythic character is your PC. Companions do gain mythic levels, but only get a selection of more generic mythic abilities and feats.

52. Could you let us build all companions from level 1? Without questionable feat and class choices they normally come with.

No, they are built that way to fall in line with their story. For instance, it would be weird for Regill to not have any Hellknight levels. However, there are a decent amount of them that start at level 1. They realize that a lot of people don’t like the way that Camilla is built, but there are ways to build her that can make her extremely powerful. Speccing Valerie as a bard was an example given.

53. Unlike bards, the Skald’s “Inspired Rage” doesn’t benefit everyone. Will there be an option to “deny” the rage as you can in PnP.

Yes. It will likely be a toggle.

54. Will there be a way to roll for stats? Or, import custom stats?

No, they might as well just let you pick your own stats (Cheat). Blame his terrible luck, as when he tried to roll stats he was always 20% below average.

55. Can you pet your animal companions?

Maybe. Low priority.

56. Can we get a platypus as a companion?


56. Will there be additional/new animal companions?

Yes. Dinosaurs and Horses are examples. Possibly an invisible pony.

57. Will we get graves for our fallen companions?

Not likely. Use raise dead for god’s sake!

58. Will there be changes to familiars? Can we cast spells through them?

Not planning on changing the way that companions are currently implemented.

59. Can you tell us about the HoMM style army combat?

Too early. Still in design stages.

60. Will there be more of the mythic paths/archetypes added to the alpha.

No, the alpha build is essentially finished and won’t be getting any further updates.

61. What are the plans for crafting?

Not regarding the crafting system, but the resting system will be different from PKM. Crafting may be incorporated into the system somehow, but it’s still in early stages of development.

62. Do you plan on having randomized loot like in Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC?


63. On hard, if your main character is downed, the game is over. It makes it hard to play a melee/assassin type of character, will this be changed so they act like companions and get up after combat in WotR?

They’ve been thinking about that. Since it’s odd that if you have a cleric with “Raise Dead” next to your lifeless corpse. Can’t he just resurrect you instead of going to a load screen? They will probably change this.

64. How man “Decks of Many Things” can we get?

It’s probably not in WotR, but there are things that are similar. Play Trickster.

65. Are there any other features being implemented form mods, like the turnbased mod?

The mods for PKM have really helped show what extra features people want. And, interesting ways to implement new systems.

66. In PnP, Skald has the ability to copy spells from other spellbooks. Spell level is his only restriction. How are you going to implement this?

It’s still in development.

67. Where do you get your inspiration?

From players suffering. There was much more to this answer, but I thought this was the most relevant part . The abyss and the shower were also mentioned…

68. Will you for sure be level 10 by the end of chapter 2?

At least level 9, they think.

That’s all of the Q&A that I got from the stream .Apologies if I missed something. But, it was tough to understand given the audio quality and accents. This was a pain in the butt, so if you don’t like it…go listen to it yourself. Would be great if a community manager transcribed this stuff for us. Just sayin…


Great contribution, thank you!

But now that I’m reading through it…

This is a MASSIVE disappointment right there… personally I really hate that decision!

I don’t want to play through a short game multiple times, because, in my experience so far, no matter how it’s dressed up and no matter how hyped up the “differences” get, it’s essentially always the same main story. =(

Had I known this before, frankly I wouldn’t have pledged as much as I have.

Kingmaker was so wonderful exactly because it took the time to tell a grand, epic story, because it entertained me for 100 hours and made me feel like really getting so much bang for the buck.

We’ll see how WotR turns out in the end… but from that statement alone, sadly, I am now very sceptical… maybe the Owlcats’ll be the first to find a way to truly make replayability work, where it’s not just 95% the same and 5% “so completely different”… but we’ll see… so far no-one has really managed to do that in my book.


Not surprised at that decision, to be honest. Kingmaker’s in-game timespan was over 5 years after all. So a single playthrough had to be extremely long. Personally, I have no issue if WotR gives us half that time frame and condenses it into far more replayability throughout their various Mythic Path plots. If anything, that Q&A made me look more forward to the Beta and its final release build. :slight_smile:

Also: a “secret” Devil path? Gimme gimme!

You should play Tyranny

I already have, but what exactly is your point?

Well, if it were “half that timeframe”, that might not be too bad… but they did say “much shorter”, and that really worries me… if it’d end up to be something like 20-ish hours per playthrough, that’d be a massive, massive disappointment to me.

As I said, personally I do not get any enjoyment from having to slog through the essentially same game five or six times just to get up to a proper cRPG playtime and/or just to see most of the content.

I was really hoping for, expecting and looking forward to another cRPG epic like Kingmaker, especially since a massive war campaign can also easily take several years… and while I do not know the associated AP from the Tabletop, I so far always had the impression that this’d be another grand epic tale.

But, we’ll see… and if the end result should turn out to be great after all, despite my reservations, I’ll gladly admit it then… but until then, I remain very worried that WotR might turn out much different than what I was hoping for.

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I am not too sad about it.

I play very slow and I do not have infinite time for playing.
There are several great games ( e.g. P:K, Witcher 3, Fallout NV) that I finished only once because it took months to finish them and there are so many good games out there. For PK and TW3 I switched to easy difficulty so I can enjoy the story and I do not have to retry some battles many times.

I think wotr is still much bigger and much more complex than Tyranny, one of the few games I have finished several times to see different paths.

Well, I never even finished P:KM or Witcher 3, so I’m not disappointed by their choice. As long as the gameplay is good and the story is interesting, as they seem to be for an alpha, I’m OK.
Not too short a game, mind you. but half-3/4 of KM is fine.

The lengh of a game is not connected to how good it is. There are short games that are good or bad and there are long games that are good or bad.

RPGs are one of the longest games in general and there are some games that call themselves RPG and they are shorter than the alpha, so I am absolutely not worried that the game is too small.

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KM could take, what? 80-90 hours for a playthrough? So, if it’s say 40-50 hours, that wouldn’t be too bad. Some games fill that time with a lot of filler content that no one cares about. If they have a quality, epic story that is totally different every time you play it. That’s worth a lot of replayability. Locations being written in different ways depending on the order that you visit them is really cool too. There was a lot of stuff in PKM that I kept finding throughout various playthroughs that was really cool too. Like, different ways to do the companions quests.


I have a few hundred hours on Kingmaker and over eighty on the alpha - so I likely already have my money worth.
I would say that a single playthrough on the alpha without being solely on walkthrough mode would be maybe twenty to thirty hours (likely depending on how fast you read, loading times, reloading, and if you talk to everyone after every event to see if there is anything new, if you have dinner, the occassional phone call while playing etc).
If that is the case I would expect Wrath of the Righeous to be somewhere around a 70 hour game on a single playthrough - which is not bad.

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I always found replayability very overrated and would prefere longer games over games which change in diferent playthroughs. But even then, the game will still be long(would guess at least 60hrs as the full alpha walkthrough with every sidequest is a bit short of 20hrs and contains two of the six chapters. They will also still add more fetures and sidequests to the first chapters). So at worst 40hrs shorter than kingmaker which was extremly long(110 for me with absolutly doing everything you could do)

So the game will still definetely be easy worth it for me, even if I will probably never play the game more than two times. Dont like the descision but its not to bad


The real branching is supposed to happen after the alpha chapters (which are more or less complete). It will be interesting to see just how varied and different these branches are. They were saying that you can completely derail the main questline with some of the paths.


single playthrough will be much shorter. that sounds quite disappointing. while i value replayability, i’m not looking for a shallow and rushed experience.


Based on question 25. you could lead demons. Perhaps even becoming Demon Lord if you take Swarm path (after eating Deskari maybe?). Allying with demons would take you to drasticaly different story path.
Aeon seems to hate what both demons and angels did, so this could also be little different from Normal Close the Worldwound story, but Azata,Gold Dragon, Angel and Trickster seems to not have much potential to be so drasticaly different from each other and look to be similiar in content other than army composition and last chapter/s, I think replayability in those will be based more on your choices at end of chapters like solution you picked to corrupted wardstone.

You’ll still be closing the worldwound as a demon, but you will try to rule the abyss is how I heard it. But, still hoping that the stories will be drastically different.

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There was a retrospective interview with BioWare on BG2 where the devs said their biggest mistake, bar none, was to lock players out of content based on class choices. Their main reason was that while that kind of customization sounds cool at first glance, most people aren’t willing to replay CRPGs regardless of how excited the devs are about their game. For that reason the practical impact of locking-out content is to shorten the game without adding value for most players, which BioWare in retrospect didn’t regard as a good use of dev time.

Really sorry to see Owlcat go down that path!


I’m fairly certain that the market has shifted massively towards adults who are very busy. This means its most likely better to market a shorter product with higher quality. Hell am at the point where if I hear this game takes more than 60 hours to 100% I lose interest right away and I’m not the only one. So marketing mythics as changing the games story significantly may actually work out better for them.

That said I am of the mind set that 30-60 hours is fine by me. P:K only worked well because I loved the story and gameplay. It never felt like a slog and very rarely felt like it had padded content (looking at you AC origins/odyssey).


It is bit sad but not really a surprise. After all they planned Kingmaker to be 40 hour maingame + 40 hour extras = 80 hour to play ALL.
When they released it it was more like: 120+ hour playtime instead of 80 hour.

So even if it will be “much shorter” it mean most likely that no chapter 7 and “only” around 80 hour of content if you do every sidequest and mainquest. That mean you skip all reading and just play it fast. I managed to use near 70 hour for alpha (only 2 chapters and they were not fully there = in release there will be more to play and more to read from item description to books and enemies).


I wasn’t making a point, I was making a recommendation based on your commentary. You’re welcome.

Hopefully that’ll be the case… but from the way it was said (looked it up in the video on youtube again), I don’t think they meant it as compared to their initial plans for KM during development… I think they definitely meant it this way:

“WotR will be much shorter than what KM is”, as opposed to “what KM was planned to be”.

But, as I said, we’ll see eventually… I genuinely hope that I’m wrong about this, but until then, I remain unconvinced and sceptical.

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