Helping out Jaethal (spoilers)

I’ve been reading up on this topic, but all comments are over a year old and all seem to contradict each other:

  • You need Tristian/No you don’t
  • Save the Woman later on/No you don’t
  • It helps to bring Harrim/No it doesn’t

I’d love a concrete guide on how to redeem her and save her daughter. Spoilers welcome.
BTW, this is for a different playthough than my previous thread about not finding her. coughaltoholiccough

Harrim and Tristian is not needed to redeem her. But I think Tristian is needed to make sure they do not fight each other. I always had him in case. I will know for sure in few weeks since I use Kingdom Resolution Mod to see triggers.

Quest to Redeem Jaethal:

  1. Kill elven woman, instead of keeping her undead
  2. Do not raise Worshiper woman as undead.
  3. Do not sacrifice daughter. Jaethal gets smited.
  4. She reappears later. Tristan appears at the same time, they can kill each other.

I did both 1 and 2, but no option for 3 appeared when I got to that part. Maybe I messed up by talking to the half-elf guy hunting her instead of just killing him right away.

No, 3rd point is for her next companion quest.

  1. point is for her 1st quest.
  2. is for her 2nd quest.