Help with Necromancer Build in (Pathfinder King Maker) or/and True Summoner

I love to summon creatures and curse my enemies, like the Necromancer of Diablo 2. Is there actually a build for the Necromancer UnFair or at least in effective Normal?

I also wanted to know if the summons of the game are good, serve something or miss all hits, do no damage, and have no impact. Because testing the outdated videos below, I saw that the wolf at level 1 does not last anything and misses all the blows and dies very easily.

Vanilla, I found Necromancer/Summoner to be a bit lacking in Kingmaker… Summons were:

  1. WAY too slow movement-wise
  2. Their level doesn’t seem to scale with yours, or at least not enough
  3. The “Summon Glow” is fugly to my taste… a re-animated/created Undead should look just like all the others, not have their bones covered by some weird ass brown glow

Those three were my top three gripes, but thankfully all of the above can be fully mitigated by the greatest modification ever made for Kingmaker: Bag of Tricks!

You can remove the glow to have just the actual character model, you can set your summons’ levels to up to 20, you can change their movement speed, their summon duration as well.

And if you want to play a true Summoner, with the help of another mod called Call of the Wild, you can actually play that very class, complete with your very own perma-summoned Eidolon (which obviously is limited to using pre-existing 3D models, i.e. potential light visual spoilers).

Advisory on Call of the Wild though:
It changes the “Reanimate Dead” spell from vanilla behaviour to actually require fresh corpses from which to re-animate your minions, but in turn, those minions then actually are those very same previous enemies brought back to unlife, instead of just generic skeletons.

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Have link for Bag of Tricks?
Can you play the game with a few characters? Having a summoner necromance as a leader?
Do you recommend Clerigo necromancer or another?

Just look on, they have individual sections for each game.
You can play the game however you like, that’s the big strength of RPGs… you can take up to 5 companions with you, but you don’t have to.

Personal preference would be Sorcerer with Undead Bloodline, I just don’t like having to prepare spells in advance and only having so few slots to prepare them in.

Spontaneous casters for the win!