Help with Magical Prison Quest (possible spoilers if someone answers me :p)

Right now I am unsure if my quest is bugged or I missed something so I was wondering if I could get help. At the moment I have 5/6 of the braziers lit at the bottom of the tomb and I have the key from the well in your capital. Since I am unsure what to do next or where to go (as nothing was marked on my map) I would like someone who knows and/or did it to list the necessary steps to unlock this door.

I am aware that I have to kill named mobs but which ones and what are their locations?
Named mobs I remember killing: Named Nightmare, Black Dragon, and since it has been a while that is really about it so if someone could write me a list I’d appreciate it… atm I am 50% sure my quest it bugged, and if it is I will just move on and ignore it but I am quite curious so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Is that on the lower floor of the Lonely Barrow? I think there is also a named Wolf and Smilodon that are related to this, but unsure, sorry.

Yes the lonely barrow basement… I know I’ve killed the Wolf and Smilodon… Plus the dragon and nightmare… that makes 4… what are the other ones?

If you have the key, it will tell you how many more named monsters you have to kill. I think there are 30 total. I’ve got 2 left, and I have no idea which ones or where they are.

The door voice says it will mark the monsters lairs, but I don’t see anything marked on the map.
Ilthuliak was one of the monsters if that can help you.

BTW: it is possible to expend the charges of the key, but that, apparently, does nothing.
(Save before trying it, expending the last charge make the key disappear)

Once I had the key, I found two more locations on the map. They were on the Southern part of the map, towards the east. That got the “charges” on the key down to 1, but I walked all over the map and have failed to find the last one.

I believe that some of the creatures that show up right before you start the last mission into the House at the End of Time count toward this. A friend of mine noticed after he got to the HatEoT his key read zero. The portal into the House is guarded by two lesser Jaberwalks that might have been the last creatures you needed. I haven’t been in a position to confirm this myself yet though.

You can finish this quest before the house at the end of time. There is a location far west in the thousand voices that could be hard to spot. I don’t know if you can spot it without doing the spy project’s exploring pitax. it’s “Grocery Stall”. You can look too if you didn’t enter in a location you already spotted. That’s happened to me.

So I’m in the final chapter now and have discovered all locations, especially the ones listed here. However the keys still shows 3 charges.

I double checked if I actually visited every location. But I don’t know for sure if I actually found, fought and killed the appropriate monster there. Do I really need to check every single map again and search for the monsters? Or is there some (cheaty) way how I could check which monsters are still missing?

I have a major problem and would appreciate some help! When I found the key in the well it said 0 and I know it’s supposed to count down. Is there any way to fix this?

We went to some of the places we had already fought before getting the quest and nobody is there. We did go to a new area and fought, but there was no named mob, no icon, and the key still says zero. Is the quest bugged?