Help with getting the 'Best' Kingdom ending slides

Hello fellow Kings :crown:

I was hoping to gain your collective assistance in aiming to get the best possible ending slides for the kingdom.

There exists guide and walkthroughs for almost all aspects of Kingmaker now except for how the choices during Kingdom rank up events affect the ending slides. I myself have logged 246 hours into Kingmaker yet I still get annoyed with not being able to get my best ending! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My main issue is with things like siding with the common people too much causes those ungrateful sods to leave my Kingdom and form a Republic that then costs me a lot to take back. Whilst I appreciate the realism of this choice (give people everything and they will take the piss) I was extremely annoyed that this slide does not take into account my other kingdom stats that would surely prevent such a thing happening (max espionage, diplomacy and military).

So I was wondering whether any heroes had a guide for kingdom rank up events which explains what leads to which slide? :pleading_face: :bowing_man: