HELP! (PS4) Beneath the stolen lands standalone

So, I recruited the initial 3 companions, went down a few levels got some gold and came back to buy 2 more recruits but the dragon doesnt have that option anymore, neither does honest guy. This is my 1st run, do I need to get farther before I can go to 6? Is there somewhere else to look? I tried the tables, that desk looking thing that says companions, the chest, leaving, I cant figure it out. I assumed it would be the dragon but I can only ask questions or buy supplies which just leads to the normal shop screen

The games a bug ridden mess, you don’t need to progress farther you’ll just experience more game breaking bugs.

No actually I was wrong, I just didnt have enough cash yet, I was just coming to delete this. It popped up when I did have enough

I’m glad the recruiting works! :slight_smile: :smiley: