Help preparing against Spawn of Rovagug

I think I am just one loading screen away from the final boss, the Spawn of Rovagug. I haven’t seen it yet, and it’s my very first playthrough.

Can you give me a few hints on how to best prepare, without spoilers? I am not a fan of stumbling in and trying things out, because that would be unrealistic.

What I expect is:

  1. The most important things are probably the will saves.
  2. Conjuring creatures to help me will probably not be useful as they will be turned against me.
  3. It will probably conjure other creatures which is why I should probably get Jubilost with me because he can cast stoneskin on the whole group.

Does that go in the right direction? My group is level 16, and I am playing on hard difficulty.

I will definitely take Tristian with me, especially because it makes a lot of sense lore-wise. I am not sure if Linzi, as a bard, can be of any use here. She can heal and use scrolls, but I suppose her songs will be of little use. I am not sure if Jubilost would make sense. Certainly because of point 3, and maybe because of “dispel magic” bombs. I don’t have holy bombs however. They would probably work wonders.

Are there scrolls or magic items that would let me conjure constructs or undead? I think they could be helpful instead of things that can be driven mad.

Thank you very much in advance.

As I said, my group is level 16. I found the last boss with the daimon to be rather easy, but maybe I was just lucky.

I have no idea how to fight him. I know people recommend high bursts of damage.
When I fight him I always blast him with Hellray with Metamagic Master Rod on Octovia and that’s dead Spawn in one hit(if it is not on unfair and even then you have 3 charges on Rod). Hellray buffed with spell focus and specialization.

Well, I just tried and went in. It’s like my first fight against Hargulka, only much worse. What on earth is that thing??? :skull:

Looks like level 16 is not quite appropriate for fighting a gods offspring, correct?

I thought Tristian might be the ace up my sleeve, but that ugly worm-thing will just dispel all the buffs that made everybody immune to madness. Even worse, once it starts hitting, it hits hard. And don’t get me started on the >1.500 hitpoints. How would I ever bring that down? That’s even more than the legendary Tarrasque, Rovagugs greatest herald.

I guess I’ll come back at level 18 or so…