Help me with ideas of a class I fancy

I’m interested in bard, arcanist, oracle, druid and witch classes and interested in Student of War and Winter Witch prestige

in mythic paths I’m interested in Angel, Azata and Trickster

could you help me with talking about arcanist, oracle and witch and other classes in this settings?

True those caster classes are very cool! I am thinking about making a caster as well.
Maybe an oracle which only seek to help people and do not care about the rules, which will evolve in an azata, or an arcanist being a battle mage for an army of pladins and becoming an angel.
I feel like the mythic paths you are interested in don’t match the druid so much, apart for Trickster.?? What about a fey-like creature (The new animal-like creature of the stretch goals) druid, who wants to play treat or tricks with every living or undead being, and unleashing his natural powers on the not amusing ones… Bard could do a great trickster too, more straightforward I guess but pretty fun to flirt with demi-gods and disappoint them! arcanist trickster: Magic unleashed! that would be niiiice, and why, not, an arcane trickster which is basically an arcanist and will become a trickster ahah
I am definitely excited about WOTR!!
Have fun!

hmm, yeah I tend to agree that the main class that applies to trickster would be bard or druid but I think you could do witch as well! Someone who manages to learn the lessons of some greater power and then using their intelligence to trick them out of more and more. This in turn lends to becoming a great trickster of the gods in order to empower themselves. There are a few things from mythology that exemplify this from all over. I suppose the best way to tell it would be while many people think that a trickster makes others the fools with their deed the most nefarious of tricksters have hidden a single damning sentence in a book of documents!