Help me build my Super Monk

So here’s the thing. I would like to build my Super Saiyan-ish monk purely in the aesthetic sense. I want my monk to look like some kind of superhero during combat, with a glowing aura, feet/fist lighted or aflamed or something like this.
(flaming fist/punch) []

So far, I’ve figured out that “freedom” spell makes the feet glow blue and “expeditious retreat” lets the feet leave a fire trail which is exactly the type of effect I’m looking for. Makes me feel like Ong Bak kicking butt. I’m not looking for anything that causes a hadouken-ish ranged attack.

Appreciate if anyone can suggest spells/feats/abilities that allow me to do these so I can add them to my character using Bag of Tricks. I’m gonna play the game in high difficulty mode, so it doesn’t matter if I kick butt or get my butt kicked, as long as I do it in style.

I mean right off the bat. Scaled Fist archetype or at least Dragon Style feat train. It’s all about punching really hard, and intimidating your enemies.
For Style Strikes, thing like Shattering Punch or Hammerblow, convey the overwhelming power

And if you’re modding, you may want to look at Call of the Wild to take Eldritch Arcana (+improved, +greater). If you pick Elemental bloodline, then you will be able to explode with an AOE energy, and at level 15, constantly fly (if you picked Air). That’s as close to DBZ as I can think with the abilities available.

Unfortunately neither the game, nor any mods that I could find have Elemental Fist (punching with fire fists)

Have fun!

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