HELP! Dragon's Fate quest

ok so there may be spoilers in here, although none intentional. i got scales from Trendelve (hope i got the name right) some how (forget where) and after showing them to the old story teller guy says i need more of T’s possessions to be able to learn more, giving me the quest. standard stuff except all i find in the market place is the smear of blood and a magnifying glass that basically says T’s body was carted off somewhere, and thats it. the quest doesn’t seem to update and once i leave to the grey garrison i CAN’t return to the durn city to see if thats what i needed to do to access the hidden item, let alone speak with the story dude again (how do i finish returning the pages he wanted anywho?) . have i locked this quest up or am i just stressing over something thats not really there? i mean i hate when i get a quest locked for me because of my stupidity, but how can i move forward when all it does is point to a place i can’t get to/cant find when i am there?
please help this lil lost valkyrie in training.

In act 2 you find Terendelev claw in Leper’s Smile.
Storyteller leaves you in act 2 after you talk to queen. You can get him back in act 3.

thank you so much for the assistance in making sense. i wanted to make sure i hadn’t missed something. would really like to be able to be a dragon :slight_smile:

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