Help? Alpha forum access

I have followed all the instructions in the backer portal, though still no Alpha access.

Some help here?


Please, DM me , I will help:)

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Somehow, someway it was fixed!


Whats the replication time from backer portal to forum and discord role?

I still don’t have forum access.

I don’t have access to the Alpha forum either. I just started downloading it though. Do I have to actually start playing before my account is linked or something? Anyways, I can’t wait until the download is finished. Heh.

i have acsess to the alpha on the backer portal and have played it a bit but i still cant access the alpha section of the forums

Also no forum access

Hello! I’ve been having trouble getting access to the alpha forum on here and on discord. I sent an e-mail, but haven’t seen anything come from that. Sorry to bother you guys, I know you’re probably super busy. <3

Guess I’m having the same issue. Yesterday, I made a post in the Bug section, now I see nothing in the bug section. This is all very confusing and making me wonder how this is going to work. As for access to those just joining, you must wait until you get your certificate from the bot for forum badges and etc. If I am misunderstanding you, apologies. After a few hours, my badges were there and access to the forums opened up more. If you still don’t have it withing 24 hours, please notify Owlcat games via another venue (Kickstarter, Discord, or email). Hope this helps you all some. Best of luck!

Help! This isn’t my main email or account, but this is just about the last option I can think of for help.

I have an account that I used for Kingmaker and that I intend to use for WOTR (same email that my kickstarter and backer portal accounts are used for) and I’d like to start the alpha tomorrow… but I can’t access the forums on that account. Any forums. I forgot my password, but the password reset function doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve waited days for the email to show up, and yes, I’ve checked every part of my email account, spam, important, etc. Its just not there. I’ve been trying every day since the alpha started so I can get into my forum account to access the alpha forums, but no matter what I do, I am not receiving a password reset email. I apologize if a duplicate account is against TOS, but I’m about at wits end trying to get ahold of someone who can help, and I couldn’t find an email to otherwise send this to (and as this is a fresh account, I cannot DM Mortheim).

Hope someone can help!

Just to be sure, you clicked on his name up above and it didn’t load up a screen with various things, message and an envelope icon in the upper right-hand section of that? Because otherwise, I have no idea on how to help you. Will say the forums seems buggy at best. Some times nothing loads up correctly and I have close it and reopen it. Other times it works great (like now, been posting for about an hour and few issues). The only other option I can think of is to message them through Kickstarter. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Try to help you with your out of game account issues.

Nothing like that for Mortheim :/.

I will try that email (was looking for something like that but could not find, so thanks!)

Hi, don’t know how to DM you in this forum. I have the same problem, no alpha forum access. I’ve already sent several bugreports ingame with the email I’m registered here, but I’ve come to a point in the game where I’m looking for help trying to understand what is actually a bug and what is not just in yet.

If you can help, thank you.

I also dont have alpha forum access. I bought the Alpha Access addon when Backer portal launched but had already entered my forum name in the Backer Portal section before this. Maybe the Backer Portal only checks the one time you enter your forum name and if you buy something it doesnt check anew.

By the way the forum here is a mess. I cant even click on my account symbol, the search symbol etc. If I want to check my profile I have to make a post and click on my name of the post I made to get to my account.

Same thing here. I’ve been playing the Alpha for two days now, filled in the two lines for forum and discord access about 24h ago, but still no access to the alpha sections on the forum and Discord. I’ll wait one more day before pestering the mods, it’s not an emergency yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as everyone. Got alpha 2 days ago and still can’t access alpha branch of the forum. What should i do to get access there?

I also can’t get access to the alpha forum to post about bugs/crashes. I can’t get the game to run at all

also can’t access alpha area of forums despite having alpha access, any ideas how to access?