Hellknight Never Shows Up Second Time

I gave permission for them to look for the criminal, but she never shows up in the capitol again. I read that I’m supposed to see her beating a citizen, but it hasn’t happened even though I’m forced to leave through the town when I click on the exit button.

Is there a way to force this to happen? I am so tired of getting those notices about what they’re doing in the capitol!

Thanks for any help!

They usually take multiple months, so like 3 or 4 hits on your kingdom stats
You should be able to see Hellknights in your city tho

The code for them to show up again depends on your capital being upgraded to a full city.

Thank you both! I’m also wondering if you have to do Armag’s Tomb before they show up again.

The quest progressed as soon as we returned from Armag’s Tomb.