Has the respec bug been fixed?

Patch 1.0.3C/D notes stated that some of the issues with respec were addressed but I am not sure if it is officially ok to retrain the main character after the battle of Drezen in act 2. I only skimmed though the .4d patch notes because I am weary of spoilers but I didn’t see any mention of the respec issue. So I thought I might just check, are we to still to hold off on respeccing till a later patch or is it all good now?

they are pumping patches out every day, but TBH this game needs a few month more in the oven.


Hi it is safe to retrain/respec not main character but companions? Can someone please tell me.

Companion respec will not cause this specific bug. There might will happen some other issues, like some class abilities not getting completely removed and causing some issues, but nothing as bad as this specific bug.

So it is still not wise to respec the main character ? I need to get rid of two wrong choices with feats. But I dont want to start again.

Or has this been fixed for MC?

Any news on a patch to fix the Console version of Kingmaker that hasn’t worked since release nearly a year ago?
All queries are being ignored on the console forum so thought I’d post this elsewhere…:skull: