Harrim's gems is missing

Harrim just destroyed the anvil in troll lair. Is there any chance unbreakable gem to show up later on? It didn’t show for me, any reason why?

He wasn’t riled up enough. You need to go through the dialogue at the glowing runes and the statue of Torag first.

Done that already. Could this be related to dying dwarf curse?

Still looking for answer, it bugs me out of my mind!

You know, you might be on to something.
I forgot to do the dying dwarf on my current run (did it on my first) and Hiram didn’t get the gem for me either.

It turned out ok though; it didn’t block progress on his quest chain or anything.

But could you save Harrim at the end of the game if you don’t have gem at end of his first quest?

Yup, no problem there either.

It bugged me till no end, so I reloaded a save. Successfully obtained the gem.

did you find out the solution… Getting same bug I think.

Check on the rune . N thedepths won’t register (stays green)