Hallo, sorru to ask

I’m trying to understand as send messsages, private messages but I can’t find the link in no way. I’m sorry for my poor English but I need to contact Morheim so it’s pretty important for me resolve the question. I don’t know it there is a bug or I’m silly.

are you a backer? can you or wish you to vote in the community poll? What is your mother tongue?

I’m a squire backer, I would like place my vote*_*. I’m an Italian girl. Thank you**

Hey there Laila ~

It seems newcomers cannot access private messages without doing a few things first and sometimes, it won’t even unlock right away. Can you try to type @+Mortheim name in your next post to ping him ?


I can try but I hope

thanks again** I’m lost without help

There you go and no worries :blush:

Like the others backers, I invite you to try again your luck over there : Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Vote for the playable race! by doing exactly what I told you to mention his name in your next post for him to sees you and help you out. He might take a while though but you may be able to vote before the deadline.

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