Halfling Druids SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK and it makes me sad

I got this game a long time ago and am finally getting around to trying it out. I decided to to make a bunch of guys to try, but one of the ones I was most excited about is a Halfling Feyspeaker (Druid) that I named after my premie daughter (because she is so tiny too!) because I thought being able to transform looked pretty cool. I decided to leave the strength penalty because the ability to turn into a bear or whatever should more or less compensate for it when I need to melee and I figured I’d mostly just be using ranged weapons and spells anyway. But did I miss something?

I can’t seem to find any slings for some reason. I get not being able to use a crossbow (mechanical parts) and longbows (martial weapons), but what the hell is unnatural about a shortbow? (I know, actual rules say no, so I can’t really blame Owlcat for this.) Everything left is affected by strength AND size, so even if I go the dart route, I can only do 1-2 damage (1d3 for size and -1 for strength). Why even bother? So, I’m supposed to burn a Feat to be able to stay out of harm’s way then? Seems kind of excessive considering no other class has this problem.

Fine, I’ll just use Orisons. Wait, what? Seriously?!? Not even ONE damaging Orison? I have a 20 Charisma, so I did start with 3 first-level spells, but am I expected to rest after EVERY combat? Once I am out, I am screwed. Even a Wizard has more battle stamina at this point because they can cast Cantrips and use crossbows; without my pet, I wouldn’t even make it out of the starting area, much less to a point where I can actually defend myself.

Did no one play test this class? Not having slings? Fine. Not having damage Orisons? Okay. Not having BOTH? How does that even happen? This can’t be intentional, right? Here is an easy fix: just give druids shortbow proficiency; it’s not really inconsistent thematically and should take maybe 5 minutes to change.

Until then, I suppose I’ll just have to play a different character because they have taken a fun character idea and made it probably the worst possible build in the game.

(Note: I haven’t gotten far in this game yet, but other than this issue, I think it’s pretty great so far! I’m very much looking forward to the next one. I just hope they don’t miss something so obvious next time!)

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Use Demoralize.

Your pet will also be your strongest party member for a good while, and eventually you’ll be able to turn into a Leopard (to use your DEX for attack/damage) and make your pet a Displacer Beast (which no other Druid can do.

Aaah, spoilers!! That’s really freaking cool though and it has restored most of my excitement for the character, so I will allow it. :smiley: You have my sincere thanks for that.

I’m still very concerned about having to bring my small, low-level, 8 Str/10 Con, 2/3 movement, non-shifted spellcaster into melee range though. I mean, it’s like if I was trying to playtest how hard melee can possibly get in this game, this would be the guy I would make. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get to a certain point; I’m just concerned about being able to actually get there.

I suppose I will have to use a lot of daze spells and demoralize as you suggested or maybe buy some darts to kill that rampaging dragon I’m sure is in there somewhere. More likely, I’ll end up burning a feat to get some more options. I still think its ridiculous and sad that those are my options, but I am just going to try to look at it as some weird bonus difficulty challenge-type thing.

Then don’t.

You’ll have enough spells soon enough and Daze/Flare/Demoralize are fine until then. If Val only gets hit on a 19 or 20 Flare reduces her getting hit chance 50%.

Ploinking with a sling or Xbox would be worse than that. In any case with high DEX and Mirror Image by lvl 5 you could just wade into melee as a decoy/touch speller (Frigid Touch is very good vs bosses).

Those aren’t spoilers. Right click on your class sheet to see what you pick up each level. This isn’t a game for jumping to conclusions. I ultimately found Feyspeaker Val to be my strongest companion ever.

Oh, I certainly agree with the idea that I’ll have enough spells soon enough, maybe even from the start. My lamentation is actually that I can’t just take a shot at weak enemies or finish off a guy that’s near death without putting myself in danger or burning a spell, that’s all. If a guy has 32 HP and my companion thwacks him for 30 on a crit, it’d be nice to finish him off at range and reduce that hit chance to 0 instead of using a flare to just get it to 50%, don’t you think? But I’ll deal with it, just disappointed and venting a bit.

As for the spoiler bit, there is definitely nowhere on my character sheet that says I get to have a Displacer Beast pet. That is something I would have noticed and would remember! I even just double-checked before I started my reply. Unless that’s DLC? That would be a total bummer. But yeah, the rest of it aren’t spoilers (and even the Displacer Beast bit is barely one) and I agree with you that this is not a game for not planning ahead. Probably why I made so many different guys to try out.

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Cast Displacement on your pet.

Displacer Beast. You’re the only Druid who can do that. More importantly you’re the only one who can cast Mirror Image on yourself.

If your tank is only getting hit on a nat 20 you’ve got all the time in the world to finish things off. You’ll enjoy the game more if you focus each toon on what it does best. On early Druid that isn’t attacking.

It is a game for not planning ahead - you’re better off figuring things out for yourself as you go along.

In Kingmaker, spells like Spiked Stones will cause enemies to die before they even get near your frontliner. You can also use Entangle early on and just let your ranged characters murder them from a distance without fear of anything.

Druids are great at spellcasting, you just have to be prepared ahead of time with your spell-list.

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Those spells are very effective but can be tricky to avoid with your own toons on RTwP. If you look for spells that specifically say “difficult terrain” like Stone Call you can protect your own team with Feather Step, Mass letting your melee toons (like your pet) get in on the action as well while keeping foes gummed up. Later on Cave Fangs works well to put little patches of Spike Stones right where you want them.

I agree. Maybe I’m just too stingy with my spellcasting because I’m always worried about being caught with my figurative pants down when I run out. I don’t generally like to rest much, a trait that is likely exacerbated by the timers. And I rarely play Druids to begin with, so there might be some paranoia from that too. Ultimately, it probably comes from playing too many Wizards in older editions that have run out of spells, I get very nervous!

Well, that’s still cool, but not what I thought you meant. I do try to maximize strengths and play to them and I don’t have a problem whatsoever with weaknesses and shortcomings, that’s what makes the game fun. It’s the essential removal of a very basic ability for all practical purposes that vexes me.

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They just forgot to put slings in the game, but it works out because you’d be doing things less valuable than casting if they were in there. If you want a ranged Druid take Staff Sling proficiency. Nobody else can use them and there are some good ones.

You just have nothing from your class that supports ranged combat unlike several other classes and any feats you spend on it are ones you don’t have to improve your Wild Shaping or casting.

I figured that’s what happened and it’s a bummer, but I’m not really looking to be a ranged Druid anyway. It’s more of a “not-melee” Druid concept in my mind. I definitely plan to use spells to best effect and I am REALLY looking forward to shifting. I have thought about using the Staff Sling (I understand since she is a Halfling, I can get it with just one feat because it is martial for them?), but I agree with you wholeheartedly; I’d much rather use those for casting and shifting enhancements. I think I’m just gonna go with darts.


You’ll be happier with Demoralize on autocast.

Works against everything early but Vermin and is very good.