Getting random micro stutter possibly related to permanent buffs?with video


Do you have any mods? NO

It seems it got like this after going to hellknights outpost to the west.The only real difference from my previous paytrough that wasn’t an issue before is me being an azata and having a new permanent buff that I didn’t have before (Sweet sleep)

I wonder if its UI related and there some calculations being done in the background.Sometimes restarting the game makes it back until it comes back full force 25 mins later.

Wierdly enough around the time it started happening I found an amulet which granted a whole party buff called covenant of the inheritor.(still kinda happens with it off tho but it varies in severity place by place)

Edit:Sent a report ingame.

Pathfinder:POR stutter - YouTube Video of the issue.Usually restarting the game helps but comes back after like 25 mins.

Bdw I already tried deleting files in the appdata folder.Doesn’t fix the issue.

How can I be the only one having this?

sorry buddy, issues like these are extremely difficult to track down and solve.
could be anything.
your best bet is to try endlessly googling for a solution.

I did check on google but nothing of worth came up.

Also I highly doubt its difficult to trackdown when I already pointed out its probably related to azata/buffs.Surely a dev could have a frametimegraph up and see the difference between buffed/unbuffed and go from there.

I sent a ticket to the devs and hopefully something gets done or else im not touching this game again.

Still nothing from anyone? -.-