German Translation PS4 1.02

Hi there,
I found three minor translation errors in the German translation.
I guess they’re on all three platforms, but because I’m playing on PS4 right now, I’ll post it here.
Since you are still working on a patch, you may find time to correct it.

1. In the settings-Menu, “Always display enemies’ HP”
Wrong translation ingame: “Toujours afficher les PV des ennemies”
Yeah, that’s French.
Correct translation: “TP von Feinden immer anzeigen”

2. The label of the compare-button at the shop / inventory screen
Wrong translation ingame: “Vergleichen sie”
Technically correct, but way too formal. Doesn’t match the rest of the translation.
Correct translation: just “Vergleichen”.

3. The label of the new reorder-Button
Wrong translation ingame: “Nachbestellen”
As in “We’re sold out. We have to reorder!”
Correct translation: “Neu anordnen” (re-arrange) or just “Reihenfolge” (order), matching the translation of the other buttons

Seems the new content was translated without any form of context.

It’s the same on Xbox version. Can you please fix that?

The actual german translation to open the BattleLog is “Betreten”. That’s also wrong.
The correct translation would be “Anzeigen” or “Öffnen”,

Thanks a lot for reporting these errors!

Are there more errors? Please elaborate.

Thanks as well for bringing it to attention!

@TheZeisonSha : I have an obvious translation mistake to report in french, too. When we sell somethine that is meant to be selled in quantity, english version allows to push the cursor by pressing “move” or “back”. And “Move” is translated by “bouge toi”, which means something like “get on your feet and move !” :-). So the accurate translation in french would simply be “avancer”. Thanks by advance for this one !

4. The town teleportation window, button label “Toggle”
Wrong translation ingame: “Ein/Aus” (“On/Off”)
Correct translation: You can’t translate this literally, you have to be more creative. Like “Teleportieren” (teleport)

5. Character creation, voice selection, there’s is a button labeled “Roll the Credits”
The Translation is correct - and therefore wrong. The correct label and corresponding translations for this button should be “Play voice sample”

6. Kingdom Management Screen, Kingdom Status “Stable - The kingdom is stable…”
Wrong translation ingame:Beständigkeit - Das Köngireich ist stabil…" (Steadyness // The kingdom is stable…) - Two different translation for the same term. And the first one doesn’t make sense.
Correct translation:Stabil - Das Königreich ist stabil…”

Danke, Glubsch, Trymon und Fragency!

If you see more errors please notify us!


I found another little bug.
A description was not translated.

See the attached screenshot. (Sorry for the unprofessional screenshot. :-))

Is this global, affecting all characters?

Yes, that affects all characters.

7. Kingdom Management Screen, Kingdom Status “Serene”
Wrong translation ingame: “Gleichmut" - Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s more of a Buddhist term and doesn’t quite fit. It’s more or less a state of mind. “We don’t care what’s happening, nothing can stop us, while we are doing our job!” But the description says that the people are happy and actively support the king / queen.
Better translation: “Heiterkeit” or “Gelassenheit”

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“Gleichmut” would be a fitting attribute to persons, here it sounds a bit unusual. Noted.

Do you already have a plan for when the incorrect translations will be patched?