Gear slots for animal companions, custom feats/skills

The wilderness book and animal archive both have the outline for what each type of animal can have as gear slots. Id also love too be able to level the animal and put the skills, 4 level stat points, and feat selection of my choice. :slight_smile:

Also less importantly, animal companion archetypes!

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Animal companion archetypes are unlikely, but putting gear on your animal companion is pretty likely given the Evolving Animal Companions stretch goal was met.

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Make them like Tamagotchis, if you do not feed and pet them and clean their stable, they run away or die. Also, does the mount feat of the cavalier also work with your romance option?

If there are gear slots, I want exploding fleas, acid saliva, filed teeth and a weighted tail barb for my smilodon.

I want a unicorn horn as equipment for my horse.
Then I do a powerful charge attack to impale the enemy.
Spiked horseshoes, vampire teeth and a metal whip attatched to the tail would be nice to have too.

Animal Companion Archetypes have been confirmed already:

But the customization won’t end there — despite lacking a class, animal companions will still have archetypes. The bodyguard is always ready to defend their master and can survive longer thanks to defensive abilities such as uncanny dodge. The charger is trained for war, suffering fewer penalties to mobility from armor and truly shining during charges (hence the name). Draconic animal companions are resistant to the elements of their heritage and can unleash a draconic breath. And that’s just to name a few.

By the way Draconic Animal Companions might exclusively mean the Havoc Dragon that Azatas get, but … ‘Draconic animal companions are resistant to the elements of their heritage and can unleash a draconic breath.’ may also mean that we can have Dragonic Companions of various heritages.

These Classes have an Archetype that allows you to pick a Dragon Companion:

These Classes have the following-not-yet-revealed # of Archetype slots:

  • Cavalier: 1 slot
  • Druid: 3 slots
  • Paladin: 1 slot
  • Ranger: 2 slots
  • Shaman: 1 slot

Draconic Companion Archetypes would fit very nicely in the remaining slots. Id say they fit perfectly. And with the Silver Dragon Terendelev part of the story, a Silver Champion Paladin fits more like 200%.

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Id like Class outfits for Animal Companions so a Druid would have a different Animal Companion outfit than a Paladin.

Paladin and Cleric Mounts should have a priestly-themed long ornamented animal tabbard while the Druid and Ranger Mount outfit should have a primal appearance including leather, wood, bones, plants and the like. Classes that fit neither priestly not primal should have a neutral Animal Companion outfit.

Priestly-themed (Classes with Deity) outfit:

  • Paladin
  • Cleric (Animal Domain)
  • Inquisitor (Animal Domain or Sacred Huntsmaster)
  • Warpriest (Divine Commander, if that Archetype makes it)

Primal-themed outfit:

  • Ranger
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Barbarian (Mad Dog)

Neutral outfit:

  • Cavalier
  • Oracle
  • Sorcerer (Sylvan)
  • Monk (Sohei)

The outfits colors shouls be customizeable just like Class outfits (‘Black Knight’). The animal armor should be partial above / below the outfit just like its working for Classes that use armor.

These categories look like quite arbitrary.
Whats the huge difference between a paladin and a cavalier or a cleric and an oracle?
Does a sylvan sorcerer (fey bloodline) have a similar strong connection to nature as a druid?
I think those are role playing questions and each player has to decide it for themselves.

I would prefer that you can customize your animal when you get it.
Like you can chose its color so your wolf looks different than a wolf you fight in the wilderness.

It already looks different when it has armor put on. No need to change the poor animals fur color. I think there will be a few choices of colors for horses and ponys but a smilodon or mastodon ?

Nope. The tabbard should have a customizeable color. There are white wolfs but are there violett ones ? A tabbard can be violett just as it can be of any color unlike the animals that wear it.

And yes, a Sylvan Sorcerer is a bit primal but not even remotely as much as a Barbarian or Druid. It has some Druid spells but not all. The rest 90% are standard Sorcerer spells so it may be 10% primal but not 100% like the Classes mentioned.

A Sohei could be seen as priestly, an Oracle as priestly or primal. But a neutral outfit would in my opinion fit them the most.