Game stuck at loading screen

I just bought the alpha version yesterday, and when i try to play it. Game become unresponding at about 50% of the loading bar.

I tried to launch it with steam, without steam, without steam in admin mode.

Any idea what else can i try ?

Mine get stuck at 99% for maybe 2-3 minutes. Give it 5-10 min to load?

Otherwise, try to update your graphic card driver.

Or a old issue with PK was the fullscreen setting. Do you Geforce experience or something similar to change graphic setting out of game? If yes, try borderless window exclusive fullscreen

Little update : in the meantime, i try to play kingmaker and my fps drop like 5fps instead of 60 apparently i desactivated one of my graphic card and game didn’t like it.

So i reactivate it again, and give wrath another try, now it load up to 100% in like 1 minute 40 seconde then it freeze for like a minute (computer not responding, cant move cursor or switch windows). after that, the loading music finaly stop working and program stop responding at all (it become white like because windows want to kill it) and windows ask to kill the process.

Also my graphic card driver are up to date and i don’t use geforce experience.
i also try to let the loading be unresponsive for 10 minute to see if it came back to life later but nope it stay dead.

Do you have Citrix installed?

No don’t even know what citrix is :slight_smile:

Mine has a very similar behavior, if i click anywhere during the loading, especially when the bar is at 100%. Windows ask if i want to close the game, but if i let him load a few more minuteS, the game finally load.

However, the music never stop playing.