Game setting - Hide Weapons Enchantments

This is something anyone who has ever played Magus class will understand :smile:

It’s not that I hate all weapon enchantments, but if the weapon has an icy, fiery and lightning enchantment at the same time, the effect is a little too colorful, and I feel like I’m holding something between firework and Christmas decorations.

I know that there were mods for Kingmaker that could turn off a lot of effects, including enchanting weapons, but I think that this effect can be quite annoying for a lot of players and should be a normal part of the game.


Hmmm. How can a weapon be icy and fiery at the same time? Seems like they would cancel each other out…

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Ice + fire = water
The weapon will be permanently wet.
And if you add electricity…

Hmm, what happens if you touch a wet metal object that is electrified with your bare hand?