Game not responging after switching task in Windows


During the gameplay, whenever I press the Windows key, or if I try to switch task with Alt-Tab, the game stops responding.

From there on, I only see the splash page “Pathfinder Kingmaker”, the cursor is the game cursor with a little gear wheel, but it doesn’t do anything. Keyboard is unresponsive.

I cannot even close the game, I have to use the task manager and kill the process.

While I don’t always need to switch tasks, though it’s handy to check the rulebook or notes for example during character update or creation, hitting the Windows key can happen in the action. One hit and the game is simply gone…

Is there a fix planned for this bug?

I can send a dxdiag or give further information if necessary. (I tried to send an email for this problem with all the information but I suppose the address is incorrect since I got no reply in a while.)

It’s a fresh install from 2 weeks ago, through GOG Galaxy, without mods, the executable is version 2018.1.0.55711, the product version is 2018.1.0.13949343 (it’s the latest update available but it seems this game hasn’t been updated in a long time from those version numbers).

Windows 7 64-bit Professional, the GPU is a 980 GTX with nVidia drivers 397.93.

Thanks for your help!

The executable itself has not been updated since December 2018, true, but there have been updates only a couple of months ago IIRC.

As to your problem, I read about similar problems several times, they are often due to a problem with Unity game engine. All games with that engine have similar problems. Try to change your video settings from “exclusive fullscreen” to “fullscreen borderless window”. If it’s not that, I don’t know what to say.

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That solves the problem, thanks a lot!

Sounds logical too, “exclusive” it was :sweat_smile: indeed! But I had no idea there was such an option as borderless window, it’s perfect.

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Owlcat’s support doesn’t seem responsive, btw, I had reported this a while ago and they didn’t even respond… must be a known issue still.

From what I understand, this is an alpha, they don’t try to fix everything for us, they read reports and hopefully will fix the game in the next versions. Since we found a solution for you, they won’t answer.
The only answer by the team that I have seen on these forums were for one, or maybe two, game-stopping bugs widespread enough to prevent the Alpha from being played.

If you are stuck, you could write them at But I’m not sure they won’t answer much at the moment. The alpha is over, they are beyond that already, unless you find a bug that nobody found, they probably won’t have the time to fix an already-known-and-fixed (in their version of the game) bug. The alpha is only available still because we wanted it.

Anyway, that’s only my opinion.

That’s news to me. I haven’t seen any mention of early access / alpha on their site or on gog, where I bought it. It’s been released in September 2018, so quite a long time ago, and there is a support contact (actually I went throught gog support first who said to contact them directly).

Or is it not alpha? I’m confused by your post :smiley:

I think solving crashing bug like this one is good practice (to say it mildly), I’m certainly not the only one who has suffered or will suffer from it. Or then they ought to remove any mention of support, at the very least they could send a reply and not ignore a request for support for a product, it’s very borderline.

I apologize. I thought you were speaking about the new game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, whose alpha just ended.
Please ignore my previous posts.

Oh? No, that’s me, I wasn’t aware there was an ongoing alpha for this sequel. Now it all makes sense!