Game freezes when Inventory opens

I have recently purchased Pathfinder and have really enjoyed it thus far. Unfortunately, I have recently encountered game freezing every time I try to open up the inventory. I have looked into this issue online and discovered that I am no the only one this is happening to. I also have not found a definitive answer.
any information on this issue from someone at Owlcatgames would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Try to update your graphic card driver and make sure you set display mode to borderless window.

I am having the same problems and I have updated my graphic card driver and the display mode is borderless window. Anything else I can do to make it run smoothly? It runs fine on my laptop, just not on my desktop.

Not really… after those 3 checks, it become extremely hard to find the cause of this issue.

Are you using any mod?

I don’t think I am using any mod. I have the enhanced edition that I just downloaded with no additional add ons.