Game freezes, resulting in machine becoming unresponsible (almost) as well

I have bought the game on Steam. Installed the game, opened it. Was asked for telemetry - refused. After a few seconds the game freezed. Nothing can be done to close the game window. Only good ol’ Ctrl+Alt+Delete from 98’s worked. After rebooting - same result. Changed fullscreen in registry and it worked for few minutes. After updating Nvidia drivers, again started freezing on startup. Uninstalled and refunded.
Sorry it sounds like a rant… but it is. Seriously, WTF? It is not like I am using an outdated machine or system or doing something weird. Just plain install and attempt to play. And game crashes for no reason. Is there any logical explanation?

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Exclusive fullscreen is a bugged setting that can cause all kind of issues depending on your pc, it’s most likely the culprit for the crashes. Change it to borderless window.

First of all I did that - once. (the value was 0 and not 1 btw - when changed to 3 it still worked for a while). It stopped working again after Graphics card update. I did not bother doing it again - and for a game that has been out for more than a year such behavior by default is just unacceptable. Many people just do not know what registry is - demanding them to do it out of box is unacceptable - sorry to say that. If full screen is bugged - it should not be available, or at least not made default, with warning being issued when someone tries to change to full screen mode. Seriously - game has been out for more than a year. Should not a simple (or not so simple) patch just fix that? No offense meant - but even simple Tetris made with SDL or Monogame in a few hours can run full screen without a problem on several platforms. I hope you realize that freezing out of box is a behavior that many users (including hardcore old school RPG fans) are not willing to accept. It’s annoying if the game was out for a day, may be a week. But a year and half? Seriously?
Is there a patch going to available in near future. Or will at least this issue be dealt when definitive edition is released? No offense meant - but messing with registry every few hours is the last thing I am willing to do when playing a tabletop simulator game.

You mean like if Microsoft would release a OS named Millenium and there would be bug what would eat up all memory. So if you would leave that OS open for a let’s say weekend you would not be able to open a notepad without getting error telling you there is not enough memory to do that…

Guess what, that happen and even today like 20 year after that bug is there. No update, no fix, no small easy or hard thing done by Microsoft and still quite many users (my bet is you allso) are still using they products.

Oh my…

Anyway, there are plenty of sold copies. Sad to read that for you it did not work out but you get your money back and I guess you are backer of the new game so hopefully you notise quite early (in Alpha or Beta) if game do not work and tell it for developers giving them allso logs and they can fix it not only for you but for everyone here!