Game crashes when try to enter Drezen

I don’t know if it’s already been asked, but since I’ve formatted the PC (to install Windows 11) and reinstalled the game … I can’t log into Drezen anymore!

I’m at Act5 I just defeated Deskari in Iz, now I have to go back to Drezen but every time I try it the game crashes during the loading screen (no matter which area of ​​Drezen I want to enter!).

I have updated the graphics drivers to the latest version. What could be the problem?


Verify the integrity of the game files

Are you using any mods?

I checked the integrity of the files.

I have some mods installed, but I have never used them (except bag of trick to accelerate travel).

I still disabled them all, but it keeps crashing.

This is the error i got (KINGMAKER???)

Sometimes just turning of the computer and coming back later works. I usually wait until the next day.

Though I think I had something like that one point and waited until the next update.