Game crashes randomly and when i save

So I have waited years to get this game after and accident took my last PC. And now that I have a PC again the game Ive been pining for crashes. So I played about an hour and as I was transitioning out of the tutorial the game crashed. So I loaded back and and did it again I tried to do more manual saves but every time I save the game just closes it self out and the file isn’t save. Please and thank you for the help in advance!

Check all those first

Thanks you the reply, but I have done all these check and the boarderless window as I saw that was a problem. And nothing sadly

Do you have any mod installed?

Did you manage to save at least once? With auto-save for example.

  • There is the cloud saving that some might have issue with, you could try to turn it off. It’s in the steam setting > cloud.

Is your hard drive full? Do you have any unusual events in the Windows Event Viewer?