Game continues to messup

I have 3 computers and the game worked great on all 3, but now the game just loads up and just freezes at the load up screen before I get to the point where I can choose “Continue, New Game, Options, ect” so I then have to manually figure out a way to close the game on my PC by faking a PC restart in order to even get the Pathfinder Kingmaker Program to close after I’ve clicked “Close Program” On the task bar. I love this game but ever since owning it and putting in more then 300 hours ( Trying to put in over 1000 ) I’ve experienced nothing but loading bugs and crashes. I thought at first maybe it’s my computer’s but it’s not it does the same thing as my friend Caf’s house, Vig’s house, and Yoshi’s house. So what do I do now in order to get this game to work since I bought the Imperial edition on every steam account.

Am totally willing to post screen shots of hours played on each account ( I have friends who come over every day and chill who use my other computers and we all play Pathfinder Kingmaker in the same room chilling and trying different things ) But that is no more. been trying to fix this error for like 20+ hours.

It’s most likely this

Trying this now, if this works bossman… I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! No homo lol.

Yeahhh uhhh I have no idea how to navigate all these files bwahahaha or what to write or do :frowning: Think I am just fucked until Owlcat games get’s their shit working correctly.

What kind of graphic card are you using, you have 3 computers but their are other methods to change the graphic setting without launching the game.

Personally i use Geforce Experience to change the display mode to borderless window. It’s a lot simpler and faster but it’s also a 3rd party program.

Exclusive fullscreen is the bugged setting that cause all of this…

GeForce GTX 1060 3GB and when I do that it’s just bringing my to my Oculus Rift S Settings Lol. So I am going to wait for some of my Computer Tech friends to get here because I am a pro at fucking things up worse then they all ready are. And I am just going to leave up what you told me to do and they’ll be able to make sense of it. I’m just going to roll up another and smoke while I wait patiently. :slight_smile: