Game breaking freezes

Ps4. New update has introduced game breaking freeze during combat. Music runs in background but imput and animations stop. However this will not crash the game so the ps4 crash report doesnt happen, it just stops. I am currently on troll lair depths, where this has happened twice in the tartuk fight and once fighting banded trolls. This has also happened on the wolf hill map (I can’t remember what its called)


Make sure to mention if it’s RTWP or Turn Based because there are two battle modes.

This was in turn based, allways on one of my characters turns. It may have been when accidentally pressing square when picking spells. However that may have been coincidence


Good to know. Thanks for telling us (the gamers and the devs).

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I have also been experiencing this while on PS4. Literally the exact situation you are describing except it happens to me in the Old Sycamore area.

I have restarted game multiple times. Reinstalled as well. Tried saving often and on different new slots ( saw that on Reddit) but nothing has worked.

I see people on YouTube on console with this game not having this issue but none I’ve seen are playing purely turn based. Could there be an issue with the turn based mechanic.

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I have exactly the same problem. During turn based combat, some times the game just stops, the background music continues but all controls stop responding. This happened with me multiple times in different locations (Old Sycamore and Troll Lair as well) and usually it happens during Linzi’s turn. It’s preaty annoying as last time it happened just before I Finish killing the troll King after a 45 minutes long battle. I’m playing it on xbox one x.

Hello, could you please tell me how often this issue appears? What is your average time playing when it happens? Maybe there are some patterns except for it happening more often with Linzi? Maybe some exact skill or bard song? Unfortunately, the issue is extremely rare and we have had no similar complaints since September.

Hi. I did notice it happens during transition to Linzi’s turn. It happened to me already 4 times during ~19h of gameplay. I believe it happen more often if I am playing it for a few hours straight. I attached an image of the last time it happened to me. Notice it was just after the attack of Hargulka, when Linzi’s turn started.

Hello, I’d just like to add that the same thing is happening to me. I picked the game up in the Playstation store sale and I’m still early on in Chapter 1, but this has happened to me about 4 or 5 times now. I’m exclusively playing turn based and it’s always when I press square on a character to change their move action (eg from single move to a 5 foot step). In the most recent instance that has prompted this post I was controlling Linzi and pressed square to do a 5 foot step when the game locked. She was using bard song at the time, although I’d stopped it and it was just lingering. As the previous poster said the music continues and the console doesn’t register a crash, so I have to manually restart the game. I’m playing on a PS5 through backwards compatibility, in case that makes any difference.