Future Games based on Adventure Paths

I know of them, but I haven’t had the pleasure of actually playing them.

First I’ve heard of custom modules for NWN.

I’m truly sorry, have you been living under a rock?

That’s kind of suprising, since both NWN games are built from the ground up with the intention that people can create custom campaigns and modules with them, and even play them together with a multiplayer mode.

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No, I just haven’t played a game that came out over a decade ago.

Like I said, I’ve never played either game, so I wouldn’t know, and I can’t speak to the quality of these fan made modules either. That being said, I’d much rather have an official Owlcat made game, based on a Pathfinder AP, rather than a fan made mod.

Well, unsurprisingly you’d be wrong. Those fan modules you talk about, such as “Almraiven”, are nothing short of amazing. Or “A Dance with Rogues”, “Blackguard”, the list is long.

Oh yes, my completely personal preferences are wrong, and not subjective based on opinion. I have been vanquished, and will now exile myself from the internet due to my shame.

I never said they couldn’t be good. I said I wold rather have an official Owlcat game, based on a Pathfinder AP, rather than leave it to fans.

The fact your preferences are personal doesn’t mean you can’t be wrong, rather it further highlights your selective lack of taste…

Because I would rather a future Rise of the Runelords, Skulls & Shackles game, Jade Regent, or Reign of Winter game be made by the studio with the Pathfinder license, and who have already proven themselves with Kingmaker, and who are set to repeat their good work with Wrath by all indications? No, I should leave it to the fans, who have neither the time, resources, or the ability to work with Paizo. They’ll make a much better product than the actual game studio!

Yeah. I’m the one with a selective lack of taste.

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This conversation is getting out of hand. An entire adventure path would require a full game studio to complete in a reasonable time frame. They are written by Paizo to take a large number of play sessions to complete and take a character from level 1 to at least the high teens. Plus they are copyrighted material that Paizo wouldn’t allow just anyone to create.

The plus of fan created modules is that they can extend the life of the game while a new one is being made, potentially maintaining an active community for years. While not all are going to be of high quality there are plenty of good gms out there who have experience designing shorter adventures who might want to put them into crpg form.

In a perfect world, yes. But anything on that level is going to take a lot of time. A user toolset like the NWN tools can extend the life of the game, filling in the gaps between “official” releases and keeping people engaged.

This is being grossly unfair to the module makers of the NWN community, particularly when you admittedly haven’t played any. There were modules that were as high quality as the official modules. There were modules that were far better than the official modules when it came to the story. There were also high quality modules based on classic D&D TT adventures- everything from B1 to the Slavelord series. Don’t dismiss what is possible with a high-quality, expansive set of tools for modders.

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My list:

  1. Runelords Trilogy (Rise of the Runelords, Shattered Star, Return of the Runelords). Not all in one huge game, but three separate ones. Maybe include Seven Swords of Sin as a side quest somewhere.

  2. Mummy’s Mask

  3. Jade Regent

  4. Curse of the Crimson Throne

  5. Strange Aeons

  6. Ruins of Azlant

  7. Hell’s Rebels

  8. Iron Gods

  9. Skull and Shackles

  10. Serpent’s Skull

That ought to keep Owlcat busy for a while. :sunglasses:


i want them to be that successful. i’d love many many more games to come like that list.

I hope that one day Owlcat’s will make Starfinder. My friends and I often stuck for long hours playing this game in my friend’s mom’s basement.

Carrion crown is not cited yet, is it a subpar adventure path compared the existing ones? I have only played the first module of CC, and 5 modules of kingmaker. (I have the crimson throne in my library too, and some first modules of other APs)