Fun Poll of Wild Speculations : Races you'd like to see

Pretty much like what the writing on the tin said :wink:

The core races + Aasimar and Tiefling didn’t make it in the poll here because they are already in Kingmaker, so chances are they’re already in Wrath of the Rightous. Since there are a plethora of races in Pathfinder and we can only select 11 (maximum amount for poll) My apologies if some of your favourites didn’t make it here. But please feel free to write them down and perhaps share your reasons why you like them. In short, let your imagination run wild and discuss ^^v

Android but since you don’t have that choice I will pick Dhampir

Mongrelmen makes the most sense: they are part of the early stages of the AP, one of the companions already is a mongrelman and thus would be a waste of resources to not utilize the model for players as well.

Grippli won’t be in, simply because they are property of WotC.

Drow are D&D property as well.

Yep, and Owlcat won’t feature them in their games as well for the same intellectual property issues reason.

I prefer elementalkin - all of them are flavorful and they come in a package of five (if you count suli). Heck, Paizo even introduced interesting subraces for them in Planar-Hopper’s Handbook.

When it comes to terms like “drow” and “grippli”, I don’t know about Owlcat’s stance. But Paizo uses “drow” even in Second Edition (where they changed several other names) and they never made an attempt to introduce an alternative (own) name for “grippli”. Appearantly they don’t worry about copyright here.

I’m pretty sure the drow are legally available for use, but Pathfinder tends to downplay certain things heavily associated with D&D even if they could use them more, such as Tiamat, Orcus, and the drow.

Drow appeared in the Beneath The Stolen Lands DLC already, so owlcat obviously has no issues using them. The bigger issue is that it would be hard to justify their appearance from a lore point of view considering that they are so reclusive. Grippli are part of the SRD and in the Advanced Race Guide. If Paizo couldn’t use them, then they wouldn’t appear there.

The lists of races I got is from this site : and it has drow in it.

It sorta have around 50 something races and it was difficult to narrow it down to 11 for the poll XD (my brain almost explode due to the plethora of choices O_o’… ) and so sorry about not including android. It’s an interesting race to be sure. and would make for an interesting backstory. Maybe a soul of a previous crussader decided to inhabit an android ‘shell’ because of an unfinished business =)

As for mongrelmen, well, Lann is already one so might as well =p.

Wyvaran for that extra edgy feel and Elementalist for that ubber kineticist build <3

Then you definitely shouldn’t check out

I think the list is sort of the same? more or less? :wink:
But man do they REALLY have a tonnage of interesting protags…

Just curious, do you all create a backstory for your protags or just select a cool race and just roll along with it? I tend to give mine elaborate stories behind them.

And I wonder how weird it’ll be to make a NG Dhampir that worship Sarenrae XD. Since Dhampirs has wildly different attitude towards the sun, might as well make one that has a feeling of awe for it XD