Friday Story: A Cloak of Sold Souls

Today we have a story, that sounds creepy and a bit unsettling. It was told us by our lead game designer.

"There is an item - Cloak of Sold Souls. It has awesome stats, but when you unequip it - it spawns a Thanadaemon. The issue arose when you leave the game - all items would turn off their effects (i.e. they were unequiped) and items with abilities that triggered when unequipped would do so. In most cases that wouldn’t change much - stats would be reduced and such like, but because that sort of change doesn’t effect anything permanently, it wouldn’t cause a problem. But, at the same moment, the daemon would spawn, and it spawned to a strange - between the games - space and existed in the void. It would spawn in the same coordinates on the map where you character stood. And when you would load a game and came close to that place, then all your characters were shakened and then they were attacked by an invisible daemon. And this would happen even on the old saves - the daemon would follow you there, on all maps, in all saves. Even in prologue it would kill your companions, Jamandi and others.

So this is what happened - I made the cloak, checked that the daemon spawned and went on fixing other bugs. But I had to start a new game for that. And, suddenly, I see that after the starting dialogue in prologue my character has Shaken condition - he is shaking in fear! I don’t understand why, and then NPCs around him start dying. In the combat log I can see they’re being killed by the Thanadaemon! I look into state explorer (a tool to check how mechanics work), but it isn’t on the map. I debug it and see, that the Thanadaemon was never spawned! It isn’t on the map, but it continues to frighten and kill everyone. And this happens in every save, in all new games.
Since then I’ve started joking that some day I will meet that Thanadaemon in another game. And then, one day, I will go out into the street and would start shaking. And people around me will start dying. From the Thanadaemon."


Well that’s terrifying!

I think I wet my pants…


with water that I spilled due to hand shaking :laughing: What did you think that was? :wink:

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I think it could be an awesome in game anti-piracy measurement. With some work :wink: