FPS Drop near fire

Everytime I go near a camp or torch I literally lost my %90 of my fps.It becomes between 15-20.I downgraded some graphics and change cores to use only 4 core and it helps.Now its between 30 - 50 but is there something I could do to improve it?

I had a 1050ti with a i7 7700hq. And around the fire of Kenabres it ran so slow. I recommend going to the control panel of your graphics card and making sure you emphasize performance.

Unfortunately it still might not help. I had to upgrade to an i7 9750h w/ a 1660 ti. That’s the only thing that fixed it for me.

Shadows and SSR are biggest reason for FPS drops.
Difference on my PC betweeen Ultra and Low with Shadow and SSR turned down on both is only 9 FPS. While on Ultra and Shadow and SSR on highest, difference is 40 FPS.