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I just discovered this game, and while it is a bit daunting at first with character creation, it seems like a gem of a game. Although it seems the right time to delve into this game now that there is a definitive edition.

Anyhow, I had a hard time figuring out how the world ‘looks’, and how some pieces fall together, so I browsed the net and found a map, which also gives descriptions about different parts of the world.

So for all you die hard lore fanatics: Here are is the link: Enjoy :wink:


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Hey @Aelorin, just a heads up that your link to Guide to the River Kingdoms isn’t exactly legit, and will probably get removed :wink:

And yea, the whole world that they’ve created is really well structured. If you want to just read it, then The Inner Sea World Guide is great. But, it is always best experienced by playing it through the campaigns. Most will cover a specific theme and/or area, and there are 24 campaigns here: Pathfinder Campaigns

This: (Kingmaker) - 6th campaign exploring the outskirts of The River Kingdoms, some Brevoy politics, and general Fey stuff.
Next game: (Wrath of the Righteous) - 13th campaign that explores The World Wound on a (un)holy crusade.

If you’re interested in a general sense of the world, it’s basically interesting times in history if magic worked this reddit post describes the cultures well.


Thank you very much for your insight!

Oops did not know about that link not being legit. I will remove it then.

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