[Forum Bug] Top menu & preferences not accessible? Workaround here

If, like me, you are stuck because the top right buttons are not accessible by the mouse anymore:

For the search, menu and profile buttons, it’s broken in the default “Custom graceful” theme since the last update. And since you can’t access these buttons, you can’t change your profile!
Fortunately, there is a work-around:

  • press the P key, that will open the profile menu:


  • by default it’s on the notification panel (little bell), click on your login name (left side) and select Preferences, that will open the settings:


  • click on Interface, then in the Theme drop-down, select Owlcatgames, which is the new and only working theme
  • click on Save Changes at the bottom

For the top URLs, I don’t think there’s a solution, it seems to be a test and by inspecting the elements, there is no URL, just ignore them. Here are a few links:

Remember there is this precious ‘?’ key to display the keyboard shortcuts! :smiley:

For example, you can press the keys g p to open the profile, where you’ll also see the Preferences link.

And so the 3 buttons, that some themes can’t open, can be accessed by the keyboard:

  • Search: / or Ctrl Alt f
  • Menu: =
  • Profile: p

Thanks to the discobot for reminding me this (loved that feature) :wink: