Forum Badge Import from Backer Portal doesn't seem to work


While it seems to work for at least 14 other people, my Commander Badge still hasn’t been unlocked for my forum account, 3 hours after initiating the process… since it did work for the other guys, I’m hoping this doesn’t mean something’s bugged out for my account…

Might just be due to load, however the BP itself confirmed successful Account Linking, an hour ago or so, but so far, my shiny badge hasn’t shown up yet.

Just a headsup for you guys, I can appreciate that you are probably quite stressed with the BP launch entire, so no pressure. =)

I’ll inform one of the CMs.

Came here to say this. Granted my commander badge might not be showing up because I’m a squire, but my squire badge isn’t showing up either :slight_smile:

Same here, can’t be activated

Same. When I entered my forum nickname it said date updated successfully, but it didn’t actually update on the forum.

Seems to be the same here

There shouldn’t be any issues. But I have a couple of questions that will help me:
Have you finalized your pledge?
Have you provided the correct username?

I tried my full username and my cropped username, neither worked.
I have finalized my pledge.

Hello Admin,

Yes to both.
I have finalized my pledge, it shows as “payed” [sic].
I have entered “HMorisson” in the correct input field, saved, and have gotten a green “Everything worked” confirmation — but my Badge still doesn’t show up.

One potential idea:
I’m using different email addresses for my forum account and my Kickstarter/Backer Portal account; could that be the culprit?

Either way, the Backer Portal still says that everything were working fine, just tried it again, but still my Commander Badge won’t show up. =(

Same here. Also, looks like I’m missing my Baron badge as well.

Yes, it is showing paid and I double checked I typed my forum name correctly.

Same problem. Backer shows Payed and I linked the BP to my account here, but no badge is appearing.

My badge here or role in discord server is not yet set. But if I understand it correct it might take even 24hour. So now is time to head for sauna and will check back bit later. For me e-mail confirmation (from paypal) came at: 19.56 yesterday so still bit less then 2½ hour. After that I will start to wonder if something is wrong. Before that… …well, have no hurry really.

Hopefully it truly is just a matter of time… I’ll know tonight at :clock1030:, which would be 24 hours after I first initialised the process.

For what’s worth, 24 hours have passed since I completed my backer portal informations. No badge for me as of yet. All we can do is wait and wonder.

I have now new discord role “Beloved Backer” and my nick/username color is changed. So I guess something is happening. Will see if something change here in forum allso…

Almost on the dot 24 hours now for me, and still no Badge. =(


And 24 hours have come and gone, still no Badge… something seems to be amiss here.

Same here but i used the same email address everywhere.

Good to know… then there’s definitely something wrong with the Backer Portal implementation.

It’s been more than 36 hours now for me, and still my Commander’s Badge isn’t assigned to my forum account.

Same here. Don’t yet have my forum badge or my Discord role. I have confirmed my pledge, and everything is marked “payed”.